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HIV Treatment & Prevention

Mother to child transmission and adherence

This discussion examines the challenges of mother to child transmission associated with domestic and cultural views. What HIV prevention strategies must take place in these settings to improve safety of the child and mother? Read more

Population Health

Supporting Health Care Professionals in Crucial Conversations

Discuss the importance of advanced care planning in efforts to prepare loved ones to make end-of-life care decisions. Which tools do you feel have been most effective in your work? Read more

Malaria Treatment & Prevention

Building malaria out: improving health in the home

A recent article in Malaria Journal discusses an overlooked strategy for eliminating malaria through home improvements. What ways can governments implement policies to improve housing in affected communities? Read more

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Case Studies

The Global Health Delivery Project has published more than 30 Harvard Business School‐style teaching case studies available at no cost to GHDonline members. This collection examines programmatic, organizational, and policy‐related decisions global health leaders face and various disease conditions, within and across health care delivery systems in resource‐limited settings. Learn more.