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These discussions are very helpful, especially in opening the minds of people on which models work and which don't, which models are sustainable and which aren't. By exchanging knowledge and information on GHDonline, we can get the best models.

Manzi Anatole, MPH, Rwanda

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Practical Evaluation Designs for Improving the Quality of Health Care Implementation

“Implementation Science” is an increasingly hot topic for those interested in understanding what it takes to close the gap between clinical evidence, and what we are doing to improve health and health care systems. This Expert Panel in collaboration with Health Systems Global (HSG) examines evaluation approaches to implementing health care improvements. Learn more.

Understanding the Role of Technology in Patient-Provider Relationships

As the health care industry becomes more and more reliant on technology, some worry that the patient-provider relationship will be lost altogether. Others fear that not all technological innovations are created to solve the problems at hand. This Expert Panel explores the role technology plays in the patient-provider relationship, and addresses how this technology is reshaping communication between patients and providers. Learn more.

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Preventing Cross Border Transmission of Malaria

In recent years, large population movements across countries in many continents have affected control measures and contributed to the spread of malaria. Such spread presents significant health challenges by introducing the infection to areas without a history of infection, re-introducing it to areas that achieved infection control or eradication, and by importing drug resistant malaria strains. This Expert Panel addresses the need for cross border collaboration, training and operational research to control the spread of malaria. Learn more.

Clincally Integrated Supply Chains

When a supply chain system is functioning well, it is a hospital’s silent partner. Unfortunately, poorly performing supply chains are all too common, especially in low and middle income countries. Since many argue that clinicians should take an active role in the decision-making related to their organization’s supply chain practices, this Expert Panel discusses strategies for building clinically integrated supply chains. Learn more.