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Health IT

'Pilotitis' of ehealth projects - any developments to help cure this?

A while back there was a discussion that developing countries were suffering from pilotitis which has been described as the existence of numerous pilot projects. Are there examples of projects that have successfully moved from being pilots to scale up? What lessons can we learn? As we setup projects what are the things to keep in mind so as to ensure scale up? Read more

Malaria Treatment & Prevention

Falciparum malaria four years after leaving endemic area

A Ghanian woman developed falciparum malaria 4 years after leaving endemic area. How long can asymptomatic malaria carriage last? How does this implicate on malaria elimination efforts if subclinical infections can last that long? Read more

Malaria Treatment & Prevention

New studies on TB in India's private sector

India’s private sector is treating an enormous number of patients for TB, appreciably higher than has been previously recognized. Accordingly, there is a re-doubled need to address this burden and to strengthen surveillance. TB burden estimates in India and worldwide might require revision. Read more

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