Clinical Exchange

The Clinical Exchange Community: A Secure Space for Teleconsult and Web CME

The Clinical Exchange community is a private, secure space where clinicians working with Partners In Health around the globe discuss complicated cases and receive consult support from volunteer specialists at Partners HealthCare institutions. Close to 400 clinicians members working in Rwanda, Lesotho, Malawi, Haiti, and Boston, U.S. are collaborating remotely on patient management and accessing more than 330 cases indexed by specialties.

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"I would like to thank everyone who participated in management of this patient. The patient is now fine and was discharged yesterday with no dyspnea no edema."
Appolinaire Manirafasha, MD, Partners In Health, Rwanda. August 21, 2013


"We soon learned that Egide had a type of cancer called plasmablastic lymphoma, a rare non-Hodgkin lymphoma associated with HIV. As this was the first time this particular diagnosis was faced by the local medical staff, who was to determine the plan of care? Omnipresent even in rural East Africa, the Internet helped provide the solution. We posted Egide’s case on" Chemotherapy in the Rwandan Countryside: Universal Issues a World Away by Michael Postow, MD. Annals of Internal Medicine. 2012

The community is moderated by:

  • Chadi Cortas, MD- Brigham and Women's Hospital; Partners In Health Rwanda - Inshuti Mu Buzima
  • Michelle Morse, MD - BWH; PIH Haiti - Zanmi Lasante; Physicians for Haiti
  • Joia Mukherjee, MD, MPH - Medical Director, PIH; BWH; HMS
  • Merly Robert - PIH Haiti - ZL
  • Jean Claude Uwamungu - PIH Rwanda - IMB
  • Rebecca Weintraub, MD - BWH; Harvard Medical School

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You comment online: follow the link in your “Daily” email notification or from a personal consult request you received. You also access file attachments online.


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Disclaimer: Clinical experts give advice to the best of their professional knowledge. Given the limited clinical information that can be obtained from a virtual consult, all recommendations given are only recommendations, and it is the responsibility of the practicing physician to discern the final clinical decision. Please refer to our terms of use for more information.

GHDonline Index of Clinical Guidelines

Working with the moderators of the private Clinical Exchange community, we regularly update and index evidence-based clinical guidelines from Partners In Health and various expert organizations including the World Health Organization and Ministries of Health. This resource is open access to all.