Global Health Delivery Case Studies

The Global Health Delivery (GHD) Case Collection is a growing set of Harvard Business School-style teaching case studies, each with an accompanying teaching note, designed to educate current and future managers on how programs, governments, and enterprises determine their strategies and design systems to meet the needs of patients and populations. The collection examines programmatic, organizational, and policy-related decisions global health leaders face and various disease conditions, within and across health care delivery systems in resource-limited settings. The cases can be incorporated into existing educational curricula or form the foundation of new courses and used by educators and practitioners in many fields.


Our prospectus explains the need for this collection, what the cases are about, including major themes, and how to use the collection. It details the resources and tools available as part of the collection, provides examples of how the cases have been used, and explains how to obtain the materials at no cost.

The Instructor's Guide provides an introduction to the concepts presented in the GHD Case Collection. It describes the conceptual framework underlying the cases, the major teaching themes, and how to use GHD materials in the classroom.

Asia and the Middle East

Latin America and the Caribbean



Concept Notes

GHD cases help practitioners understand the principles of delivering high value care tailored to the medical condition and the populations served.
–Professor Michael E Porter, MBA, PhD