In this community, professionals share information regarding the clinical, programmatic and community-oriented aspects of early diagnosis, treatment and prevention of multi-drug-resistant tuberculosis (MDR-TB). Members also use this forum to promote universal access to quality care for MDR-TB.

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Seeking Educational Opportunities

Ignacio Monedero replied

Dear Benjamin At the Union we’ve been delivering specific MDR-TB trainings for more than 15 years, especially focused on the management of difficult cases or complex program circumstances. Please find attached the webpage where you can the programmatic and also clinical trainings available. For any doubt do not hesitate ... read more

Updated: 25 Sep, 2016
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Need help - interpretation of growth curve in MGIT DST

Benjamin Faiyu replied

I am desperate to further my basic knowledge on management of DR/XDR TB. I was registered to practice as a general nurse but due to shortfall in staff strength in TB management, I did join the TB Nursing team. Now my experience in nursing TB patients has opted me to ... read more

Updated: 23 Sep, 2016
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Pale colour LJ medium

Musarurwa Kwaramba replied

Yellowish color on LJ media could be due to improper proportions of the egg mass and the malachite green. Malachite green needs to be completely dissolved separately ensuring no crystal sediments are observed before mixing with the egg mass. Also during inspissation make sure appropriate temperature is reached (around 85 ... read more

Updated: 22 Sep, 2016
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Principle of MGIT DST

Kelly Stinson replied

Hi, Ranjan. I assume you may be asking for second-line drugs specifically? Please check p. 61 from the GLI Mycobacteriology Manual, attached. Kind regards, Kelly Stinson Cultura, Incorporated read more

Updated: 20 Sep, 2016
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