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Dear Donna

I receive the email which was having the above Position.

Tried to open the web site but no application forms that were there . I am a registered nurse working in South Africa in one of the MDR TB Hospital.
The first Nurse to initiate MDR TB treatment in the country trained by Professor Jason Farley from John Hopkins University in Baltimore US. Under the coinfect project .

May I please know how to get the application forms as I am interested to apply for the above position

Sophie Beauvais
Replied at 10:31 AM, 18 Jul 2013

Dear Jeane,

The position is listed on the homepage of - it's also pasted below with link for application. Best, Sophie


Join the TREAT TB Team: In-country Technical Consultant Position Available

Technical Consultants: Multi-drug Resistant Tuberculosis Global Fund Project

Assignment: MDR-TB Advisor (in-country, contract consultant; multiple openings)


The mission of the International Union Against Tuberculosis and Lung Disease (The Union) is to bring innovation, expertise, solutions and support to address health challenges in low- and middle-income populations. In partnership with the U.S. Agency for International Development (USAID), The Union is managing the Technology, Research, Education and Technical Assistance for TB (TREAT TB).


In addition to many other aspects of its work, the TREAT TB project has a focus on capacity building. In FY 2013, The Union will facilitate the hiring of multiple, in-country consultants who will act as advisors for National TB Programs, focusing specifically on MDR-TB and the successful implementation of Global Fund (GF) grants. The need for this long-term technical assistance is in response to the recent changes at the Global Fund with the roll out of its new funding model, and the need to accelerate TB prevention and care activities.
USAID, as the lead USG agency for international TB, has developed a technical assistance model to ensure that GF grants are successfully implemented; to improve coordination between partners; to build country capacity; and to ensure that the greatest challenges in TB prevention and control are met. Through TREAT TB, The Union will support this model by facilitating the hire of multiple, in-country contract consultants. They will report to USAID and identified partners. USAID and its partners will be responsible for the technical oversight of these partners and their assigned work.

The MDR-TB Advisor positions are based in TREAT TB partner countries. Candidates will be hired through consultancy contracts.

The Advisor will provide technical guidance, strategic direction, and coordination for the Global Fund project. This will include coordination with other implementing partners, Health Office staff, USAID teams, USG agencies, and other donors.


The primary responsibilities of the Technical Advisor include:

1.Grant Management
In each country, the consultant will be seconded to the National TB Program, MOH, or Primary Recipient, where appropriate and acceptable by the program. The consultant should have a TB background and a good understanding of MDR-TB so they can navigate the technical issues, but should also have strong skills in grant management. This person will follow the grant, assist the NTP with any follow up actions on grant conditions, organize regular teleconferences with the Global Fund and country stakeholders, and fill any technical assistance needs. This consultant will also identify any TA needs that they may need external assistance with, and work with USAID and other partners to fill these needs. Depending on the specific needs, other partners will be brought in to provide assistance.

2.Technical Assistance for MDR-TB
In some of the countries, the consultant’s work will have an intensified focus on MDR-TB. The GF provides a significant amount of funding to countries for scaling up MDR programs, including funding for second-line drugs. As countries scale up programmatic management of drug-resistant TB (PMDT), technical assistance is needed to ensure high quality services and optimal treatment outcomes. To fill this need, the consultant will work closely with the NTP, USAID, and CDC to complete a situational analysis of PMDT in the country, as needed, and will review the National Strategic Plan and the MDR-TB Expansion Plan in the countries where these plans have already been developed. The consultant will assess Global Fund targets for MDR-TB and determine whether or not they need to be adjusted, and identify any challenges in reaching these targets. They will also work to ensure that diagnosis and treatment plans are aligned. Other specific tasks will be identified depending on the needs of each country.

3. Project oversight, monitoring, and reporting

Consultants will participate in monthly teleconferences with USAID staff and partners, and will submit quarterly reports to update USAID on the progress of the project. Reports will also address any implementation challenges and lessons learned.
USAID will host an annual meeting at a location to be determined to discuss lessons learned and plans for moving forward. Consultants from all nine countries, USAID staff, and partners will attend. This will be a forum where participants can discuss cross-cutting issues and determine solutions on how to resolve them. This will also be an opportunity to share project achievements


Master's degree in public health or health related discipline.
Prior experience with tuberculosis and grant management.
Demonstrated ability to work in a multi-site and multidisciplinary team-based organizational structure, including partners and other collaborators; experience with cross-cultural teams.
High degree of judgment, ingenuity and originality to interpret strategy, to analyze, develop and present work and to monitor and evaluate implementation of programs.
Strong interpersonal communication and excellent oral communication and writing skills necessary in the interaction with implementing partners, MOH and USG colleagues including the ability to exercise judgment in balancing technical, administrative, bureaucratic and political considerations.
Demonstrated flexibility and openness in responding to changing work priorities and environment.
Ability to work effectively individually and with minimal supervision.
Ability to work collaboratively as part of a team.

Salary will be based on commensurate experience and earnings history.


All applicants are encouraged to apply for this position by emailing a cover letter and brief CV describing their qualifications and experience, interest and familiarity with issues relating to this position, and how this position relates to the applicant’s career goals to TREAT TB Technical Officer Tara Ornstein at .

We are proud to be an EEO/AA Employer.

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