Health care professionals exchange ideas and approaches for improving HIV prevention strategies, scaling up access to ARVs and increasing patient adherence and retention to treatment plans. Members discuss the plethora of related issues, describe their first-hand experience, and exchange resources and lessons learned.

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Use of Herbal Medicine in HIV

By Marco Roberth Aponno on 06 Feb, 2016 0 Replies

HIV already infected peoples in my country, yes sure HIV was bad. But that not the only problem, another problem is the people here intended to use Herbal Medicine. Since we know Herbal Medicine was a complementary therapy but also many drugs has been…

Management of KS in a patient who is already failing on a PI based regimen

By Lucas Maganga on 25 Jan, 2016 3 Replies

A 27 year-old lady while on Combivir+ EFV, developed KS skin lesion of the extremities when her CD4 was 9 cells/µl. HAART was modified to include a PI (LPV/r) for the KS condition. Despite of a relative stable KS, evaluation of her viroimmunological…

HIV Serodiscordant couples

By Junior Bazile on 10 Dec, 2015 4 Recommendations 45 Replies

Dear community members, I hope this note finds you well. Today I would like to ask for your inputs on the appropriate counseling, psychosocial support and management of the HIV serodiscordant couples that we have in our settings. Biologically and…

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