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Info about M&E post with PIH.

Hello MayLin, I am Jacky, i am Interested in that position with PIH, I would be glad to receive more informations about it, and how to apply.

By Jacky Salomon Petion on 30 Jul 2014 0 Recommendations 0 Replies
iPrEx OLE Study Findings

At AIDS2014 there were two presentations that focused on results of one of the first open label PrEP studies, accompanied by a Lancet publication. The link to the manuscript is here.…

By K. Rivet Amico, PhD on 29 Jul 2014 0 Recommendations 0 Replies
Job Opening: endTB Monitoring and Evaluation Manager at Partners In Health

Hi MayLin would it be possible for you to mail me the job description please ? I am also at ? Sunny regards

By MayLin Heuchling on 28 Jul 2014 0 Recommendations 3 Replies
Prospective cohort study shows no risk compensation in men that were circumcised

Link to full text to study attached below.

By Pamela Marks on 23 Jul 2014 0 Recommendations 1 Replies
2015 AVAC Advocacy Fellowship deadline and Spotlight release

Dear Advocate, This update provides a link to the new issue of Spotlight (, an annual publication highlighting the accomplishments of the AVAC Advocacy Fellows program. It is also a reminder that the submission…

By ANGELO KAGGWA on 22 Jul 2014 0 Recommendations 0 Replies
17th Bangkok International Symposium on HIV Medicine

Dear Mary: Thank you for notifying us this. I have forwarded the email to our webmaster to get cracking on this June

By June Ohata on 29 Jun 2014 0 Recommendations 22 Replies
HOPE Conference | Dr. Doug Krakower "Pre-exposure Prophylaxis: An interactive discussion for clinicians"

The HIV Online Provider Education Program and Harvard University Center for AIDS Research Present A HOPE Physicians Conference Pre-exposure Prophylaxis: An interactive discussion for clinicians Presenter Douglas Krakower, MD Division of Infectious Diseases…

By Kelsey H. on 18 Jun 2014 0 Recommendations 0 Replies
Task-shifting medical devices and global health (survey invitation)

Dear Delia, Here is the link again: Please let me know if you still have difficulty accessing the survey. Regards, Amir

By Amir Sabet on 17 Jun 2014 0 Recommendations 2 Replies
Substitution maintenance therapy ban in Crimea

The discontinuation of Substitution maintenance therapy (SMT) in Crimea and lack of medical supply of methadone and buprenorphine in Eastern Ukraine poses a great challenge to the progress recently observed in the field of HIV prevention and drug treatment…

By Robert Teltzrow on 06 Jun 2014 0 Recommendations 0 Replies
Creating Opportunities for Health Scientists in Disease Endemic Countries

Hi Chris, I was not aware of AfricaOER - looks like a great resource. Some time ago (perhaps 4-6 months), there was a discussion on the Global Public Health group on Linked In about open resources in public health - and a lot were listed. However, it seems…

By Sungano Mharakurwa on 09 Aug 2013 0 Recommendations 75 Replies
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