Health care professionals exchange ideas and approaches for improving HIV prevention strategies, scaling up access to ARVs and increasing patient adherence and retention to treatment plans. Members discuss the plethora of related issues, describe their first-hand experience, and exchange resources and lessons learned.

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Rationale of CD4 monitoring to clients with access to Viral load test.

Naphtal Nyirimanzi replied

Hello everyone, I think the measurement and follow-up of CD4 count are very important in HIV positive patients for many reasons: - the frequency of most complications increases as the CD4 count falls, so CD4 count helps to prevent, suspect and investigate different possible OIs, like Cryptococcal meningitis, etc, -CD4 ... read more

Updated: 19 Aug, 2016
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Recruitment for the Global Fund's Technical Review Panel (TRP)

Elizabeth Shipiki replied

Thanks for the information Kind regards Elizabeth Shipiki | Chief Medical Technologist: Mycobacteriology | Technical Operations: Mycobacteriology Namibia Institute of Pathology (NIP) P O Box 277 | Windhoek | Namibia t +264 61 295 4015 | f +264 61 233 285 | m +264 811 495 678<> | ... read more

Updated: 13 Aug, 2016
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Why The World Needs An Essential Diagnostics List

Lee Schroeder replied

Great to see all the discussion re: essential diagnostics! When reading through it, I see common themes like cost, supply chain problems, human resources, and the need to establish a political will to put diagnostics on the global health agenda. While an essential diagnostics list (EDL) will certainly be helpful ... read more

Updated: 11 Aug, 2016
Replies: 16

HIV drug resistance in adults failing early ART.

Junior Bazile replied

Thank you Bora. Genotype testing is not available in many settings around the world. In some settings genotype testing for reverse transcriptase (RT) and protease (PN) are available but not genotype testing for integrase (IN). However despite this regrettable situation, we have to continue providing services to our patients. An ... read more

Updated: 08 Aug, 2016
Replies: 6

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