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A company called Adheretech has recently updated their wireless pill bottle, an improvement on GlowCaps' model. Rather than indicating when the bottle is opened, it indicates how many pills are remaining.

They aren't selling the bottles yet, so there's no indication of pricing. They do have 3G antennas, though, so patients wouldn't need internet access; they'd just need to be within range of a cell tower. One of the articles indicated that they have a 45-day battery life, but no indication of how rugged / reusable they are.

(As a technologist, I'm also encouraged to see that they're opening up their API.)


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Jessica Haberer, MD, MS
Replied at 9:44 PM, 20 Jan 2014

Hi Aaron,

Thanks for posting this. I have a few questions, in case you know the answers:

Do you know how this device indicates the number of remaining pills? Is it a weight-based system, or perhaps does it have unit dosing (i.e., dispenses one pill at a time)?

Do you know if it's being used in any trials currently?

Any idea on cost?


Aaron Beals
Replied at 11:48 AM, 31 Jan 2014

Hi Jessica,

They're using capacitive sensors on the bottom and sides of the inside of the bottle. I'd assume that they're pressure sensors, so it could have to do with weight, though there are other algorithms they could use. I suspect that tech is their "secret sauce".

I've included a link below for a trial they did, but I believe it's over.

No idea on cost, though the Verge piece said they're trying to redesign for lower cost, so I'm assuming the first version was rather expensive.


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Jessica Haberer, MD, MS
Replied at 9:35 AM, 4 Feb 2014

Thanks, Aaron. I'll keep my eye out for further information.


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