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Two and a half years ago the WelTel Kenya1 trial demonstrated that the use
of a weekly improved adherence to ART and virologogic suppression.Has
anyone tried to implement these findings and what has been the response?
(See attached pdf for details)


Isaac Amankwaa
Replied at 4:27 AM, 1 Jul 2013

There have been few other trials after WelTel Trial that also demonstrated that the use of mobile phone text messages can improve adherence to ART and other outcomes. One of the current studies was conducted by Mbuagbaw et al in Cameroon (published late last year). This study utilized motivational text messages but found no significant improvement in adherence among participants in the intervention group. There are several unanswered questions when it comes to scaling up this mobile phone interventions. E.g., is text message reminder the most appropriate way of reminding patients esp. in developing countries where there is high illiteracy rate? Other issues not addressed by existing studies include cost analysis of the interventions, privacy issues esp. in areas where shared phones is common; and how to integrate this into existing health care system. I think studies that provide long term follow-up and also incorporates some of the issues raised may be helpful.

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