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WHO recommends new tuberculosis test (TB - LAMP)

Regina Bhebhe replied

Dear Marguerite Massinga I appreciate so much the web link that you sent me, I have already download the page. It will go a long way to assist and alleviate early diagnosis. If we can do more as we are doing and embrass the innovations that are provided we will ... read more

Updated: 20 Sep, 2016
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Updated: 05 Sep, 2016
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Bio-safety cabinet in the specimen reception area

Philippe Creach replied

It depends ? The qualification is yearly and it is based on several norms and different tests: Test according to the norm EN ISO 14644-1 and the test is in line with the dust level ISO 5 that is a maximum of 3520 particles of 0.5 microns and 29 particles ... read more

Updated: 25 Aug, 2016
Replies: 8

Post BCG TB lymphadenitis

by Amira Bahour

2years old female child had presented with left axillary lymph node with highly positive tuberculin test on the age of 4 months old that required treatment with antituberculous treatment for one year. 6month after stoppage of treatment, she developed nystagmus and fundus examination revealed pan uveitis and retinal detachment. Is ... read more

Updated: 24 Aug, 2016
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