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Paul A. Jensen, PhD, PE, CIH - Centers for Disease Control and Prevention - CDC Edward Nardell, MD - Brigham and Women's Hospital, Division of Global Health Equity; Harvard Medical School; Harvard School of Public Health; Partners In Health - PIH Grigory Volchenkov, MD - Vladimir Oblast Tuberculosis Dispensary
Social Innovation in Health Initiative 2015

The Skoll Centre, Bertha Centre and WHO-TDR are collaborating to raise the profile of organisations involved in pioneering healthcare work. Are you an innovator? Do you know an organisation that has implemented a solution to improve healthcare? We are…

By Elina Naydenova on 27 Jan 2015 0 Recommendations 0 Replies
key test for TB

Hi Mr srivastava It is need to corelate with your clinical findings. why you have done the mantoux test? Could you pls tell us?

By ashish srivastava on 14 Jan 2015 0 Recommendations 5 Replies
Cough etiquette

HI, Guys, here is our cough etiquette poster. We managed to have at least on of those in each of the public health care facilities in Mozambique.....that reminded the Health care workers to reinforce the practice as well. Best

By Geeta Pardeshi on 13 Jan 2015 0 Recommendations 8 Replies
Research gaps in childhood tuberculosis and social science

Dear Maini, Thank you for your mail. It's funny you mention that you're doing work with TB in immigrants, since my alternative option to TB in children was TB with immigrants - both very important groups of people affected by the disease. All of the…

By Carolyn Tauro on 09 Jan 2015 0 Recommendations 7 Replies
Guidelines for use of TST for latent TB infection screening in BCG vaccinated populations

Hi all, Can anyone point me to a useful guideline for the use of TST for latent TB infection screening in BCG-vaccinated populations? I am considering how to screen a large population of nursing students who live in a large, poorly ventilated dorm room…

By Rachel Lehman on 09 Jan 2015 0 Recommendations 0 Replies
Why is knowledge sharing critically important to public health?

Knowledge sharing and management, provide a systematic approach through an activity (or series of activities) by which information is exchanged among networks and organizations. Knowledge sharing is a common approach to many recent public health solutions.…

By Stephan Rabimov on 12 Dec 2014 1 Recommendations 0 Replies

Hal- you might not have silverlight installed on your computer. It should work. Would search for "Nardell" that gets you to 689, 690, and 692. with best regards, Phil

By Philip Lederer on 12 Dec 2014 0 Recommendations 2 Replies
How is TB a Human Rights Issue?

Kudos Francoise, For showing empathy to Anita's sentiment and raising quite a few pertinent questions; I would add one more - How are the priorities set and funding allocated; is it bottom up ? These sure are uncomfortable questions we have to ask…

By anita gaffari oskouei.MD on 05 Dec 2014 0 Recommendations 13 Replies
Cough coaching resources?

Can I ask a heretical (and possibly stupid!) question - is there evidence that, given someone has TB, sputum is more likely to yield the organism than saliva? In someone who has been coughing, there may be lots of material from the lung in the saliva. In…

By Robert Flick on 01 Dec 2014 0 Recommendations 13 Replies

Thanks for update

By Brooke Chateauneuf on 31 Oct 2014 0 Recommendations 4 Replies
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