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Discrepant Result between Gene Xpert RIF and phenotypic DST result_Smear positive Case

Ram Datt BHATT replied

Dear Gerald, Time to detect MTB from primary culture is 11 Days.And we used MGIT 960 Liquid DST method for a phenotype DST. read more

Updated: 17 Jun, 2016
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Sensitivity difference between pooled and single sputum test resuly by Genexpert MTB/RIF

Elizabeth Shipiki replied

Good day to you all, My experience during our Drug Resistant Survey (DRS) Namibia is that we had a lot of discontent results between Phenotype and genotype. We are using MGIT 960 but our National TB & Leprosy Programme stipulated that we must follow the phenotypic results. Any input will ... read more

Updated: 14 Jun, 2016
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The Union's IMDP Training Course on Leading Management Teams

Stephen Muleshe replied

Very interesting course. However, I propose that the UNION should partner with donors who can offer limited scholarships> Personally funs would be a limiting factor to attend Rgds __________________________________________________ Dr. Stephen K. Muleshe MD, MPH, PGD Manager, Family Health & Infectious Diseases / Regional Coordinator, Global Fund TB Lab Project ... read more

Updated: 03 Jun, 2016
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2016 course on Building Design and Engineering Approaches to Airborne Infection Control


Dear, Please provide the fee details at the earliest as it is required for filling up the application form. Dr Rahul Kamble. read more

Updated: 26 May, 2016
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