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MSc research topic

By neo keorapetse on 26 Aug, 2015 1 Reply

hello all May you kindly help me to come up with a research topic for my Masters degree.I work in the TB Drug susceptibility testing and Line probe assay sections at the National TB lab.any suggestions are highly welcome.

Tuberculosis & HivAids

By Mohammad Hassan Mashori on 26 Aug, 2015 1 Reply

In the world Among the people living with HIV , TB is the most frequent life threatening opportunistic infection and a leading cause of death.HIV care settings in various parts of the world are implementing THREE I strategy one of which is IPT

Sputum collection from children

By Jacqueline Linnes on 25 Aug, 2015 6 Replies

Hi all, I am teaching Senior Design course for undergraduate biomedical engineers at Purdue University. They have a been given the task of designing a method to collect sputum from children who have suspected TB. I would love to be able to connect theā€¦

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