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Paul A. Jensen, PhD, PE, CIH - Centers for Disease Control and Prevention - CDC Edward Nardell, MD - Brigham and Women's Hospital, Division of Global Health Equity; Harvard Medical School; Harvard School of Public Health; Partners In Health - PIH Grigory Volchenkov, MD - Vladimir Oblast Tuberculosis Dispensary
WEBINAR April 25: Regimen Design and Dosing for Children with Drug-Resistant TB: A Case-Based Discussion

Dear Sara, Thanks for sharing the invitation to join this interesting topic on MDR TB regimen construction in children, as most would benefit as far as the area is not often well approached, even by looking in some MDR TB guidelines we feel existence of…

By Sara Hepburn on 17 Apr 2014 0 Recommendations 1 Replies
Re: TB infection control courses

Hello Martha Please contact me on and I can put you intouch with all our training programmes- we now run 13 courses. it is best is we communicate outside the forum Talk soon Shaheen Prof Shaheen Mehtar MBBS, FRC Path (UK), FCPath (Micro)…

By Martha Mubanga on 14 Apr 2014 0 Recommendations 1 Replies
Global Health Nurses

Hello Rhiane, I am a graduate student at Brandeis in International Health Policy and Management Program, and i have been working as a lecturer at faculty of nursing, University of Indonesia. My previous work and research activities were related to patient…

By Rhianne Burke on 07 Apr 2014 0 Recommendations 2 Replies
"Single use" mention on N95 respirators box

Your guided comments are so much helpful technically .....from the "do-ability " perspective in any kind of health care facility ....

By Gaël CLAQUIN on 25 Mar 2014 0 Recommendations 21 Replies
World TB Day 2014: calling for a "complete and patient-centric solution"

In recognition of World TB Day, I'm pleased to share an article by colleagues Madhukar Pai, Prashant Yadav and Ravi Anupindi entitled "Tuberculosis control needs a complete and patient-centric solution." The authors call for an entity that offers…

By Rebecca Weintraub, MD on 24 Mar 2014 0 Recommendations 0 Replies
Dia TB/World TB Day. World Lung Health Congress. Congreso Sanidad Penitenciaria

Dear Joan A. Cayla Servei d'Epidemiologia Agencia de Salut Publica de Barcelona Unidad de Investigacion en TB de Barcelona A m pleased to write you and show my interest to attend this conference with TB pantients and would be willing to learn more as…

By lady murrugarra on 12 Mar 2014 0 Recommendations 1 Replies
Webinar on "Demonstration of Gastric Aspiration Technique in Children"

Demonstration of Gastric Aspiration Technique in Children Friday, March 14, 2014 13:00:00 GMT - 14:00:00 GMT The Sentinel Project on Pediatric Drug-Resistant Tuberculosis will present an 18-minute instructional video on the gastric aspiration technique in…

By Elizabeth Harausz on 08 Mar 2014 0 Recommendations 0 Replies
Preventing the Spread of Tuberculosis in Immigrants to France: Roma Emphasis

Is the aim of your screening to detect active TB or Latent TB infection? If France is like UK (which I suspect it is) most TB in immigrants is not present as active disease when they arrive in our countries, but people come with Latent Tuberculosis…

By Sabrina Franks on 07 Mar 2014 0 Recommendations 2 Replies
Risk and prevention of TB transmission to the ICU staff

I agree with Ed on this- the most important aspect is triage, early diagnosis and treatment of cases. UVGI is a very specialised intervention which should only be considered once all the other administrative and engineering controls are in place Shaheen…

By Raju Pangeni on 11 Jan 2014 0 Recommendations 34 Replies
Advantages of ceiling mounted upper UVGI fixtures versus wall mounted

Dear Edward Nardell, I read the mail below that I received from my predecessor, with much interest. We have had contact before. It might be interesting to update you a bit because you write in your mail "Currently, manufacturers do not provide users with…

By Susan Adolph on 17 Nov 2011 0 Recommendations 23 Replies
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