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Drug Resistance

By Akash Rajak on 01 Oct, 2015 0 Replies

How much time it would take for a anti-TB drug to become resistant?

UVGI specification

By Nestor Rueda on 17 Sep, 2015 5 Replies

Dear all, I need to procure some UVGI fixtures and I want to issue a technical specification for the possible suppliers, however I’m having troubles finding a “standard” dose or output power. To keep it simple I’de like to specify the following: - An upper…


By Thomas Albuquerque on 16 Sep, 2015 3 Replies

Greetings and Salutations from Nukus – Uzbekistan. How effective are the below mentioned Respirators in a TB setting. 1. Aura TM 9332+ Protect against particles in concentration up to 20 per Workplace Exposure Limit. EN 149:2001 FFP3NRD Made in UK.…

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