Grigory the article looks very interesting and the diagrams contains a
lot of useful information, but unfortunately I can not understand a word.

Is it not possible to publish an English version.

Dries Meyer

Attached resource:

Summary: Описание методики оценки риска трансмиссии туберкулеза в учреждении - материал Владимирского курса по противотуберкулезному инфекционному контролю, 2010 г.

Oveview of facility TB transmission risk assessment - resourse of Vladimir Center of Excellence for TB Infection Control training course, developed in 2010 in RUSSIAN

Source: Vladimir Oblast Tuberculosis Dispensary

Publication Date: April 1, 2010

Language: Russian

Keywords: Administrative Controls, Engineering Controls, Personal Respiratory Protection, Publications & Research, TB IC Guidelines, TB transmission risk, Training

Grigory Volchenkov, MD
Replied at 4:15 AM, 29 Mar 2011

Thank you Dries,

Unfortunately there is no English version yet, I will post it as soon as it will
be translated.


 Dr. Grigory V. Volchenkov

Head Doctor
Vladimir Oblast TB Dispansery

Sudogodskoe shosse, 63
Vladimir 600023 RUSSIA

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