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Hello! I would like to ask which recommendations can be given in the situation where respirator stock is interrupted?
Thank you in advance.
Chiara Martino

Philipp Du Cros
Replied at 4:52 AM, 19 Apr 2013

Hi Chiara,

How are you?

I think the problem you face in the mission is a common one that has3 aspects:
Supply issue
Management of best protection for staff with what you have
Appropriate management of fear through good education of staff of risk, IC hierarchy and the benefits of respirator

I cc in Sebastian as if there is a supply problem then maybe this can be solved with hand carry or urgent order if not already done.

With regards to the supply can you tell me how many people use this type of mask (approx is. Fine)? Is it hospital staff as well as msf staff? And how long do you have supply for? Are people using the respirators longer than one use - what instructions have you given so far?

With regards to management of the staff - if it is few members and you have fit testing available then you can offer to fit test as some people will pass on a different respirator. Or you can at least find which type available does better ( so if for example someone passes first few manoeuvres but fails wi head moving up and down then at may be a better option than type where person fails on first sprays)

Education about the IC hierarchy, so admin .....see patients outside where possible, patients on appropriate treatment are lower risk, open windows now that winter has passed etc. most importantly education that personal protection is the least important and in the end is an extra but not perfect even if you wear a well fitting respirator......why because with N95 you only get 80% protection at best if worn properly. So weari a respirator that doesn't fit fully provides some protection albeit less.

I assume that people are advise not to use this low supply resp if they don't need it, and that they can wear on more than one occasion....usual advice

Then finally, it may be necessary to look at duties within the team.....if someone does not have a good fitting mask then may be better to be on home visits and ideally outside house, while only having hospital visits done by those with correct respirators for them

I am happy to chat by Skype at the end of day for you say midday london time on Skype is maybe 5 pm your time?

chiara martino
Replied at 6:23 AM, 19 Apr 2013

Hi Philipp,
I wrote you on your mail.
My skype is chiara5494

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