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Unbelievably disruptive times in which we live! I'll tell you in a second why I think so. But first a couple of great opportunities.

First, this Friday 9/20 our guest on HIxD Pioneers Webinar will be Pat Mastors, author of "Design to Survive: 9 Ways an IKEA Approach Can Fix Health Care & Save Lives". Pat will present Design for Patients: Simplicity Saves Lives. You can learn more about Pat, the objectives of her talk and register for one of the few remaining spots at

Second, as I mentioned in the last group announcement, HIxD is a sponsor of Singularity University's FutureMed Conference in San Diego Nov 3-6, 2013. As such, HIxD gets a discount of $500 off regular admission fees for HIxD members. If interested, please email me at and I'll send you the code.

Last week, I attended the Mayo Clinic Center for Innovation Transform 2013 Conference, virtually. I was joined by about 500 HIxD members and Disrupting Care! readers, who took advantage of Mayo CFI's generous offer of making the webstream free of charge! We watched the conference using the embedded player on both the and sites. The speakers were stellar and the engagement on Twitter #TXFM and #HIxD was fun! If you missed the live stream, you can still watch the recordings on the virtual conference site using the link at If you attended the live stream on one of our sites, please email me your thoughts and experience. This would be helpful for me and the Mayo team.

And now a couple of quick thoughts on some of the other links in this week's HIxD Disrupting Care! Newsletter Toby Cosgrove, CEO and President at the Cleveland Clinic shares his thoughts on value-based care and how it is an unheralded medical breakthrough. An important brief read in my opinion as much for the source as for the content. Next a potentially hugely disruptive alliance between Walgreens and Theranos, a Apple-innovative lab services provider. After clicking on the title in the newsletter and reading the article, visit and you'll understand what I mean! Finally, I want to highlight the concept of peer-to-peer healthcare which you can learn more about in the MIT Technology Review article whose link is in the newsletter. I think P2P HC could potentially be the black horse in the most disruptive healthcare technology race.

I really think all the links in this week's newsletter are must see/watch. Unbelievably disruptive times!

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Soojin Jun
Replied at 11:21 AM, 20 Sep 2013

This is great information, Dr. Basta. Thanks for forwarding the info and will be attending today's webinar!


Sam Basta, MD, MMM, FACP, CPE
Replied at 1:07 PM, 20 Sep 2013

Thanks Soojin. Please spread the word about the webinar. There are still a couple of open spots.

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