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Lots to share today, so let’s just get started.

First of all, check the content of the most recent HIxD Disrupting Care! Newsletter at the attached link or in the attached file. Highlights from this edition of the newsletter include:
- medGadget's outstanding FutureMed summaries
- Care Coordination and Management Platforms: the future of readmission prevention
- Healthcare Motivation Types: are you tailoring your interventions for maximum effectiveness

Second, as we all know, consumers’ care experience expectations continue to evolve and the importance of measures of that experience, such as HCAHPS, are on the rise. Healthcare organizations have an urgent need to identify strategies and solutions to help them create exceptional patient experiences and build lasting connections with industry leaders who could guide in developing the critical core competency! That is why HIxD is proud to be a sponsor of the 2013 Achieving Patient Experience Excellence Summit that will take place December 9-11,2013 in Fort Lauderdale, FL. The conference organizers: Customer Management IQ and IQPC have done an amazing job recruiting an outstanding panel of speakers including:

Shawn R. Smith, VP of Patient Experience, Christiana Care Health System
Allison Matthews, Design Researcher, Mayo Clinic’s Center for Innovation
Sue Brown, Sr. VP Patient Care Services, CNO Greenwich Hospital
JoAnn Trybulski, Chief Nursing Officer, University of Miami Health System
Janet Cross, Director of Patient & Family Centered Care, Vanderbilt University Medical Center
Cecilia Carroll, Director or Patient Advocacy and Guest Relations, West Boca Medical Center.

More about the conference, the event program, Visualizing Patient Experience infographic, Striving for Patient Experience Excellence whitepaper summarizing the Beryl Institute survey of 670 hospitals and health systems about the state of patient experience across the US, visit Additionally, you will also find a special HIxD discount code for up to almost $350 off conference attendance fees!

Third, my good friend Andi Simon, PhD, is hosting a free webinar on December 6th from 12:00-1:00 PM EST titled "Re-branding Your ‘New’ Healthcare System for Changing Times”. Andi will be hosting Dianne J. Auger, SVP, Marketing at St. Vincent’s Health Services. HIxD is a sponsor of the Healthcare Innovation: Trends from the Trenches webinar series which includes this talk. To learn more about the objectives of the talk and register for the webinar, visit

Finally, I am very happy to announce that HIxD Premium membership fees are being cut by 70%!! This is not a limited time promotion but a permanent change. The goal of HIxD has always been to start a movement to promote the application of design to healthcare delivery and experience innovation. We have used membership fees to support our infrastructure and have always tried to keep it as low as possible. Now with other revenue sources starting to pick up and after lots of feedback from potential members, fees will now be $4.95 per month automatically renewing and cancelable at any time! I hope this makes HIxD Premium Services including access to HIxD Pioneers recordings archive with more than 20 talks, premium member only discounts on conferences and online courses and other services under development. I can’t thank our current premium members enough for their support over the past few years. Healthcare Innovation by Design would not be here today without your support! Become a premium membership at . If you currently have a Basic membership, you can upgrade by visiting your Member Profile at

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