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Dear Friends,
We are studying Indian healthcare experience from Indian users. If you are a user in present or past, plz do fill the survey and help us gather valuable data.
Plz fill up my survey. It takes max 5-7 minutes of your valuable time. But, its can be really helpful for healthcare policy makers in India to devise better healthcare facilities.
All people who have sought any healthcare service in India (e.g.Hospital visits) in past are eligible to fill the questionnaire.
Plz forward the link of the survey as well to your networks and agencies.

Debashish Naik
Replied at 1:29 AM, 18 Oct 2013

From poolicy point of view if we see there are lot of things have been done
by Govt. Majority of people in India are staying in Rural area and Govt has
a very good policy and guidelines for PHC and Sub centers. The challenges
are in execution and our attitude (people). For e.g. if you see doctors are
not ready to serve even for two years in a rural PHC after they pass out
from a Govt medical college. The staffs are not performing their duty. They
are not maintaining the infrastructure properly.

Study of this execution challenges/issues and mindset of people would help
better. For this it is better to spend time and observe what is happening
at the ground level.

Maheswar Satpathy
Replied at 1:37 AM, 18 Oct 2013

Hi Debashish,
thank you for the reply. The challenges faced in the healthcare industry is well known, which you have also highlighted related to execution. But, this is far more complicated than just saying execution. There is a lot that we know which happens on the ground, and that will only come out when we talk to multiple stakeholders. For this study, we are only focusing on people's preferences and healthcare service experiences.

We would appreciate if you fill the survey and also provide your suggestions in the last question. You can write max [unfortunately surveymonkey only allows 10 questions for a free profile]

Debashish Naik
Replied at 1:48 AM, 18 Oct 2013

Dear Maheswar,
I completed the survey.

Maheswar Satpathy
Replied at 2:00 AM, 18 Oct 2013

Thank you so much. We hope many more people will fill up the survey before we do the initial analysis next week. We got a target of minimum 200+ users around the country.

Can I request all members to kindly fill it up, and also forward to your known networks and friends who might fill it up as well.

Let's hope that we get optimal population.

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