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Hi All,

I am part of a unique initiative in India/ US that is trying to solve the problem of shortage of healthcare workers in hospitals and improve quality of patient care. The project is in partnership with Stanford University and Narayana Hrudayalaya (NH):

The pilot at NH Mysore has been successful and the response from the patients has been really positive. While we implement this program to other hospitals within NH, we are looking at expanding our reach and creating a business model around our idea.

1. It would be really helpful to know the various platforms we can tap into in order to reach out potential investors/ partners and experts/ mentors in the healthcare sector in India.

2. We are also investigating the feasibility of including a mobile application to further improve post-distarge communication with patients families. Would be great to be connected with organizations working on mobile technology.

We are right now based out of Mysore/ Bangalore/ US. Thank you!


Director of Operations, India
Care Companion

Amitendra Chauhan
Replied at 5:24 AM, 21 Oct 2013

HI Anubhav,

My organisation has been building lots of mobile based solutions for both commercial and healthcare sector. Some of these solutions are open source and can be customised for specific needs based on situation. Please let me know your contact details so I can understand the requirements.

(91)9811 680 369

Debashish Naik
Replied at 7:57 AM, 21 Oct 2013

Hi Anubhav,

I also keep interest in the similar line.

Can I please have your mail id and mobile no. I am based out of Bangalore.
I will try if I can be of any help or can extend any support to this

Anubhav Arora
Replied at 1:25 AM, 22 Oct 2013

Thanks Amitendra for getting in touch! Would love to have a chat and explore your mobile platform and its applicability to our model. Please find below my contact details. Can we talk tomorrow or any other time that suits you?

Thanks Debashish for your support! Please find below my contact details. I will be in Bangalore starting this weekend (right now in Mysore). Maybe, we can catch up?

#: +91 96-5426-3343

Bistra Zheleva
Replied at 11:52 PM, 23 Oct 2013

I am very intrigued by your pilot and would love to learn more about it when you have updates. We have been working with NH Bangalore for a number of years, specifically in nursing care, and most recently implemented our Parent Education Discharge Instructions (PEDI) for pediatric patients who have undergone open heart surgery. You can find more information about PEDI here - PEDI are take home tools that families can use to refer to if they have questions. We provide training to the nurses that participate in the discharge process at the hospital on how to teach parents and caregivers proper home care after hospital discharge.
I don't have an answer for either of your questions, but I can tell you we will begin to explore mobile applications for this as well in the near future. We work with a partner from Oakland, CA, WiRED, they may have suggestions for you. Even though our project focuses on one patient group, I can see we can learn from each other, let me know if you would like to talk.

Anubhav Arora
Replied at 3:34 AM, 30 Oct 2013

Hi Bistra,

Apologies for the late reply. I am on the ground in NH Bangalore and things are moving fast here. I even had a look at the PEDI module running in the hospital. It would be great to share our respective experiences and insights on patient education. Let me know when can we talk. We can even Skype if you want.

Bistra Zheleva
Replied at 6:14 PM, 31 Oct 2013

Thanks, I'll connect!

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