Policymakers, national control program professionals, and practitioners problem solve and exchange best practices in this community with the goal of improving the prevention, management and treatment of malaria.

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Preventing Cross Border Transmission of Malaria

This Expert Panel will discuss the significant challenge of cross border malaria transmission, and the current as well as past efforts for control.

Nov. 16, 2015 - Nov. 20, 2015
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Long term impact of malaria on school performance

by Sungano Mharakurwa

In discussing effects of malaria, there also remains concern over observations that the disease can negatively impact cognitive function and school performance. That would be like affecting even the future of individuals. The attached study by Vorasan et al looked at the long term impact. The question is whether this ... read more

Updated: 27 Jul, 2016
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Renal Complications in Malaria

Maimunat Alex-Adeomi replied

Thank you for your input so far Pierre, Sungano and Margaret. These are valuable resources and talking points. I would agree with Margaret that these elaborate tests you stated Pierre do not necessarily obtain in a lot of LMICs, especially in a simple primary care setting. A CBC/FBC maybe but ... read more

Updated: 27 Jul, 2016
Replies: 8
Updated: 26 Jul, 2016
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The importance of surveillance in Malaria elimination

Peter Burgess replied

Dear Colleagues I am very pleased to see the idea of larviciding being included in the discussion about malaria and mosquito control. More than anything else I am interested in understanding cost effectiveness, that is what interventions get the most progress for the least cost. Some rather primitive modelling that ... read more

Updated: 25 Jul, 2016
Replies: 14

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