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Field partner for testing assay to detect Wolbachia in mosquitos?

Bamou Roland replied

Hello i am young student from Cameroon working in entomology and other vector borne disease.I will be good if we can be part of this proposal. we are wirking with reseaecher from Oceac and molecular biologist trained at icipe, Kenya. Identification if this endosymbiote in central region and cameroon could ... read more

Updated: 05 May, 2016
Replies: 6

Dwindling malaria funding already??

Sungano Mharakurwa replied

It is indeed quite concerning when some countries start to experience resurgences already. Where progress has been made, funding is even more imperative to get transmission to zero. Global data show that elimination tends to be stable once attained (resource attached). Resurgences on the other hand can void all the ... read more

Updated: 04 May, 2016
Replies: 3

identification of genes of resistance in Anopheles nili and moucheti

by Bamou Roland

Hello everyone insecticide resistance is one of major problem of malaria élimination and eradication. Today other vector such as An moucheti and An nili contribute significantly in malaria transmission and they become also résistant to insecticide. I wish to know if it is possible to identify genes of resistance in ... read more

Updated: 30 Apr, 2016
Replies: 0

Stories about substandard drugs

Sungano Mharakurwa replied

Thanks Katherine for working on this important problem. We previously had some discussions on this issue subject in the community, where there might be one or two leads. Herewith a couple of links, if you have not looked through these already http://www.ghdonline.org/malaria/discussion/fake-antimalarial-drugs/ http://www.ghdonline.org/malaria/discussion/monitoring-quality-of-artemisinin-containing-antim/ read more

Updated: 29 Apr, 2016
Replies: 2

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