Policymakers, national control program professionals, and practitioners problem solve and exchange best practices in this community with the goal of improving the prevention, management and treatment of malaria.

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New Publication: Malaria Seasonality and Calculating Resupply

The management of malaria commodities is subject to the patterns of the disease, including seasonal fluctuations in some areas with increased cases during the rainy season. As a result, demand and use of malaria medicines and tests may increase. This new…

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Social Innovation in Health Initiative 2015

The Skoll Centre, Bertha Centre and WHO-TDR are collaborating to raise the profile of organisations involved in pioneering healthcare work. Are you an innovator? Do you know an organisation that has implemented a solution to improve healthcare? We are…

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Dear colleagues, Due to Daylight Savings, happening this coming Sunday, we will be moving the time of the Daktari Diagnostics and ASLM global health Tweet Chat to 9AM ET. The chat will, however, remain at 5PM EAT. Please spread the word about this time…

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Invitation to Global Health Tweet Chat - Thursday, November 6th at 10AM ET

I wanted to be sure to remind everyone that our tweet chat with the African Society for Laboratory Medicine is tomorrow at 9AM ET/4PM SA/5PM Nairobi & Addis. We will be discussing various health care issues throughout Africa, including Ebola, TB, HIV,…

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New Brief on Long-Lasting Insecticide-Treated Bed Net Packaging Considerations

The USAID | DELIVER PROJECT has published a new brief that describes how malaria prevention programs are pursuing packaging options for LLINs that reduce waste, or make it easier to dispose of packaging. The brief, Long-Lasting Insecticide-Treated Bed Net…

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Battle with Fake Antimalarial Drugs

Many thanks Iveth for these helpful comments. It is encouraging to learn of FIND's work in this important frontier that is only beginning to be grappled with and yet seems burgeoning to ubiquitous levels. Rapid tests are the only way we can stand a chance…

By Sungano Mharakurwa on 07 Oct 2014 1 Recommendations 15 Replies
Lo mejor de lo mejor: I Congreso Iberoamericano de Telemedicina y Telesalud en LIMA, PERU, NO TE LO PUEDES PERDER!!

¡Del 16 al 18 de Octubre se parte del I Congreso Iberoamericano de Telemedicina y Telesalud! Contaremos con la participación de brillantes médicos que compartirán sus experiencias y los últimos avances que ayudarán a salvar más vidas! HACER CLIC EN ESTE…

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MDR TB - RIF sensative

This can happen only when patient has not taken his drugs.Please grill history to check adherence to therapy.Restart strictly supervised dose adjusted first line therapy all over again.

By Ariful Basher on 17 Aug 2014 0 Recommendations 4 Replies
UCSF Global Health Delivery Training

Based on what many of the experts in this group have said in this forum, University of California at San Francisco along with PIH are putting on a 4 day bootcamp in Global Health Delivery from October 2nd-5th 2014. Many of the participants in this forum…

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Stopping Resurgent Malaria In Mutasa Area Of Zimbabwe

Great questions, just like quite a few others that emanated from this discussion. So many lessons and definitely more as yet to learn from the fight against the formidable scourge that is malaria. With all the challenges, Mutasa is also an illustration of…

By Sungano Mharakurwa on 05 May 2014 0 Recommendations 27 Replies
Training practicum on LAMP

You can also contact Dr Mosoka Fallah at for LAMP

By Laila Soudi on 07 Apr 2014 0 Recommendations 11 Replies
Creating Opportunities for Health Scientists in Disease Endemic Countries

Hi Chris, I was not aware of AfricaOER - looks like a great resource. Some time ago (perhaps 4-6 months), there was a discussion on the Global Public Health group on Linked In about open resources in public health - and a lot were listed. However, it seems…

By Sungano Mharakurwa on 09 Aug 2013 0 Recommendations 75 Replies
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