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Abstract submission
deadline:- May 6,2013

*Abstract body must not exceed 2,300 words.
Registration Fees:-
Professionals $500.00
Students :- $150.00
Note:Registration fees discount or limited waiver available for speakers,poor students and third world tropical health workers.

Date:June 6-7,2013.
Time: 8.00 am-5.00 pm
Venue: College of Medicine of the University of Lagos
Idi Araba, Lagos
Local Contact: Dr. Abraham Osinubi, Chair LOC
Sub Dean, Faculty of Basic Medical Sciences, CMUL
Phone: +2342818337 or +2348023034954

*Conference Registration,go to:

NOTE:Students and program collaborators & sponsors are needed.

*Tropical Pharmedic Centers,Nigeria.
*American Medcalls and Telemedicine.
*Faculty of Basic Medical Sciences, Univerisity Of Lagos College Of Medicine,Lagos,Nigeria.
*American Academy of Tropical Diseases Institutes & Professional Certification Board
*American Sciencemedicine Board.

*Science Medicine Research Institute,Dallas,Texas,USA

*Science Medicine University ,"The World’s 1st Syndicated Universities Preparatory Research Educational Program (SUPREP:- Integrative Campus Based,Academic Exchange Program Credit Earning & Online Model Learning ) Institution".

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Replied at 5:46 AM, 18 Mar 2013

Dear Alphonsus,
Please give details of the Nigerian faculty confrence on malaria.

Lizzy Igbine.

Alphonsus Ekwerike
Replied at 2:38 PM, 25 Mar 2013

Dear Lizzy,
Thank you so much for the enquiry.
This conference is for every faculty,professionals and students in Nigeria & worldwide interested in eradication of tropical disease.Please plan to attend with your friends,etc and help spread the news.We need local collaborators and sponsors too. Watch out for the local media details & kindly see the given contacts.
Dr. Abraham Osinubi, Chair Local Organising Committee
Sub Dean, Faculty of Basic Medical Sciences, CMUL
Phone: +2342818337 or +2348023034954

Click this website:-

*Conference Registration,go to:

Ibraheem ADEBAYO
Replied at 11:15 AM, 26 Mar 2013

Dear Alphonsus, kindly supply the speakers list and please forward this notice to my organization email address: , . Thanks!

Best regard!

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