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GHDonline community discussions reflect the broad experiences of the diverse professionals improving global health delivery. Members of GHDonline are immediately connected with over 8,800 people from 173 countries and over 2,699 organizations. GHDonline members are doctors, nurses, midwives, CEOs, program managers, accountants, architects, data experts, software engineers, teachers, students, policy makers and more.

GHDonline’s nine communities are lead by more than 30 expert moderators who guide the discussions are accurate and on-point. Members have access to content and services like regularly scheduled virtual panel discussions with leading experts, peer-reviewed discussion briefs, reviews of recent scholarly articles, and leading clinical information resources from GHDonline’s partners. GHDonline communities are supported by a team of professionals dedicated to helping our members improve health care delivery through global collaboration.

Here are some of the ways our members are using GHDonline:

Training TB Workers in India

Dr. Shelly Bastra

Dr. Shelly Batra runs Operation ASHA, a community based tuberculosis treatment program serving 5.5 million slum dwellers across India. Trained as an obstetrician, Batra relies on information posted to GHDonline to supplement her understanding of the deadly disease.

"It’s very reliable, and the people who are part of GHDonline, they are the best in the field,” she said. “I know any time I am in trouble I can write in there, and I can get the answer immediately and the problem will be solved. It’s like a trusted friend.”

Researching Obesity in Kenya

Alice Achieng Ojwang Ndong

GHDonline’s community discussions encouraged Kenyan nutritionist Alice Achieng Ojwang-Ndong to boost her organization’s data collection efforts: “Reading discussions about the importance of data on GHDonline made me take my database management more seriously.”

“We use GHDonline quite often for information in training,” she said. “When I get some interesting news from GHDonline on HIV or TB, I actually download the information to hand out hard copies or I send the link to seminar attendees.”

Connecting and Innovating as a GHDonline Moderator

Joaquin Blaya lends his expertise in sparking and guiding discussions in GHDonline’s Health Information Technology community. Rich discussions among thousands of community members reflect the growing realization that better information leads to better health care delivery.

By creating a strong sense of community, Blaya believes GHDonline fosters connections and sparks of innovation. Discussions can help members identify a problem, to which the community collectively also helps develop an effective solution. Often, these discussions are multi-disciplinary. “One of the cool things about having communities about health in resource-poor settings and not just about health IT is that you can make connections within other professional networks.”

Watch Joaquin Blaya’s video to learn more about why he enjoys being a moderator with GHDonline.

“These discussions are very helpful, especially in opening the minds of people on which models work and which don't, which models are sustainable and which aren't. By exchanging knowledge and information on GHDonline, we can get the best models.”
Manzi Anatole,
Inshuti Mu Buzima, Rwanda

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Membership to the communities of the Global Health Delivery Online platform,, is made available at no cost thanks to Harvard Medical School and Brigham and Women’s Hospital.

Members have access to more than 30 expert moderators and to content and services like peer-reviewed discussion briefs and reviews of recent scholarly articles or a leading clinical information resource from partners, and to a team of professionals that support the GHDonline communities and platform and organize virtual expert panels with leading experts on a regular basis.

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