Non-Communicable Diseases Synergies Network

The inaugural NCD Synergies Network meeting was hosted by the Ministry of Health of the Republic of Rwanda and Partners In Health in Kigali, Rwanda, and focused on technical collaboration between countries addressing NCD of poverty through strategic planning, implementation and advocacy, and was designed to highlight lessons of experience.

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"We wish to thank the 170 attendees of the Inaugural NCD Synergies Network Meeting in Kigali last month. The conference was a success with representation from 18 countries and numerous institutions! Many attendees returned home with valuable new connections to support your NCD planning and implementation efforts."

Click here to read the entire message from Dr. Jean de Dieu Ngirabega, Chair of 2013 NCD Synergies Conference, Deputy Director General, Rwanda Biomedical Center, Head of Institute for HIV / AIDS, Disease Prevention and Control.

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Conference Materials

July NCD Conference Booklet - FINAL.pdf (download, 628.6 KB)

15 July Binagwaho. Opening Address (with notes).pdf (download, 1.0 MB)

15 July Keynote - Alleyne NCDs Technical Cooperation among countries and the struggle for human development Kigali.pdf (download, 1.4 MB)

16 July Keynote - KSR Kigali July 2013.pdf (download, 3.3 MB)

Session 1. Data Sources.pdf (download, 3.5 MB)

Session 2. Design of Health Service. Moderator Notes (with builds).pdf (download, 940.8 KB)

Session 3. Intervention Impact and Cost-noon.pdf (download, 696.4 KB)

Session 4. NSP.pdf (download, 408.9 KB)

Session 5.HRH.pdf (download, 1.8 MB)

Session 6. Science of Integration.pdf (download, 105.8 KB)

Session 7. Knowledge Hubs.pdf (download, 3.4 MB)


About the NCD Synergies Initiative

The NCD Synergies Initiative began in January 2013 as a joint effort of the Rwanda Ministry of Health and Partners In Health, and is an outgrowth of years of collaboration between the two organizations on integrated NCD treatment systems. The Synergies Initiative responds to the growing body of evidence that NCDs are not simply an epidemic of excess. NCDs are a significant fraction of the burden of disease borne by people living in extreme poverty, and together with infectious diseases and maternal and child deaths, account for the totality of death and disability in these vulnerable populations . Not enough global attention has been paid to the need to integrate NCD services into health systems of low-income countries.

To date, approaches to planning for, funding, and implementing integrated NCD services have predominantly been developed in resource rich environments and then disseminated to health planners and practitioners in low income countries. The NCD Synergies Initiative aspires to create a forum for “horizontal” knowledge sharing guided by the experience of professionals working in resource limited settings: planners, decision-makers, and practitioners who have addressed the challenge of treating NCDs.

The Synergies Network conference in July will be the first opportunity for Network participants to engage in structured discussions intended to animate and motivate planning for NCD treatment, to catalyze and support technical collaborations, and to develop a common vocabulary with which to sustain cooperative efforts over time.

For more information, please read the NCD Synergies Initiative Concept Note (PDF).


This conference is funded through a grant from the Medtronic Foundation to Partners In Health and is a joint effort of the Rwanda Ministry of Health, the Rwanda Biomedical Center, and Partners In Health/Inshuti Mu Buzima.

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