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Treating endemic non-communicable diseases (NCD) is a global health priority. Members of this community share effective approaches to combating NCDs in poor populations everywhere.

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Gene Bukhman - Brigham and Women's Hospital, Division of Global Health Equity; Harvard Medical School, Department of Global Health and Social Medicine; Partners In Health - PIH Ziad Khatib - McGill University
Unspoken epidemic: the NON educating doctors.

I don´t speak Chinese, but imagining how my patients feel when I start talking about NCDs and what the goals and target in treatment are. I imagine they feel I'm speaking Mandarin. Although I work really hard with my drawings and avoiding technical words,…

By Nicole Jadue on 27 Oct 2014 0 Recommendations 0 Replies
Partners In Health and Brigham & Women’s Hospitalist Program

Do you have interest in oncology , for a full or a part timer

By Neil Gupta on 25 Oct 2014 0 Recommendations 1 Replies
The Broken Bond: Primary care and Secondary Care

This happens everywhere, rich and poor country, rural and urban. I now work in a rural part of a rich country, and there are parallels to when I worked in urban Kolkata. Ultimately healthcare needs to be seamlessly planned. Business can do it - FedEx can…

By Nicole Jadue on 20 Oct 2014 2 Recommendations 5 Replies
Presenting the ISN 0by25 Initiative

"Nobody should die of preventable and treatable Acute Kidney Injury (AKI)!” This is the core objective of International Society of Nephrology’s 0by25 Initiative which calls for globally applicable strategies that permit a timely diagnosis of AKI and…

By Luisa Strani on 20 Oct 2014 0 Recommendations 0 Replies
Job Opportunity - Washington, D.C. - Research/Evaluation Program Manager at School-Based Health Alliance

The School-Based Health Alliance is recruiting a program manager who will support the organization’s research and evaluation projects and activities. Individuals with experience in working at the intersection of primary care, public health, and education,…

By Hayley Lofink on 14 Oct 2014 0 Recommendations 0 Replies
MECOR India 2014 - Level 2

please let me know when the next one will be, coudn't get that on the links

By Amol Hartalkar on 09 Oct 2014 0 Recommendations 1 Replies
Global Health-Hospital Medicine Fellowship


By Vince DeGennaro on 08 Oct 2014 0 Recommendations 2 Replies
Position for Internal Medicine Hospitals: Brigham (Boston) and Possible (Nepal)

We are pleased to announce the opening of applications for a unique opportunity involving clinical work at Brigham & Women’s Hospital (BWH—Boston, Massachusetts) and Possible (, working in Achham, Nepal. Possible is a non-profit…

By Duncan Smith-Rohrberg Maru on 03 Oct 2014 0 Recommendations 0 Replies
You are invited: Cost of Cancer Drugs- Financial Toxicity in Cancer Care

Will this be recorded? Can someone post the video please?

By Elizabeth Omondi on 27 Sep 2014 0 Recommendations 2 Replies
You are invited: Cost of Cancer Drugs- Financial Toxicity in Cancer Care

Cancer diseases are some of the most expensive diseases to treat and one of the major global health challenges for both developed and developing economies. In seeking a solution to address the issue of the cost of cancer drugs, the panelist will provide…

By Elizabeth Omondi on 22 Sep 2014 0 Recommendations 0 Replies
The Future of Point-of-Care Technologies in Cancer Care

Hello, The CFTCC is hosting a workshop on POC diagnostics next week. It is an online and in person class. There is an opportunity to participate virtually if you register online. We will be on the EdX platform. If you are in Boston, you can come in person,…

By Catherine (Cathie) Klapperich on 30 Apr 2014 6 Recommendations 66 Replies
Integrating Mental Health in the Primary Care Setting: The Case in the U.S. and Abroad

Dear All, Thank you again to everyone who participated in our virtual Expert Panel, "Integrating Mental Health in the Primary Care Setting: The Case in the U.S. and Abroad", last November. Starting today until Monday, February 24 at 9AM EDT, we invite you…

By Sophie Beauvais on 11 Nov 2013 6 Recommendations 41 Replies
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