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Hello everyone,
I have been wanting to make all of you who work with children and NCDs in resource poor settings aware of an opportunity to get patients with type 1 or other forms of diabetes access to care. Life for a Child ( provides insulin, syringes, glucometers and strips for all patients up to age 25 years enrolled in their program. They also provide education materials and opportunities for training for providers. Check out the website or contact me for more information. Life for a child is now active in over 40 countries worldwide, and, if not already present where you work, can easily be established anywhere. Let me know if you have questions, I am happy to help you connect your young patients with diabetes.

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Laurien Sibomana
Replied at 11:18 AM, 16 Mar 2013

Hi Julia,

Thank you for posting this , My name is Laurien Sibomana from Pittsburgh, I do work with Life for a Child in Rwanda where we help more than 700 Type 1 diabetes and we are still having many challenges as all could imagine. We do support about 30 district hospitals and plan to add more in future.

Thank you.


Replied at 1:49 PM, 16 Mar 2013

Thanks Julia for the great work that your organisation is doing for the
children with type 1 diabetes!

I'm not very involved with diabetes care in my country in this age group
but I'm pretty sure this is an area that calls for urgent response from
such organizations as Life for a Child (LFC). As I was browsing through the
LFC website, I noticed that my country, Uganda, is a part of your outreach
countries, although prior to this I was not aware of the activities. I hope
to create a working relationship with your local team here in Uganda since
we (Uganda Kidney Foundation) basically work towards the same goal. Besides
diabetes mellitus is among the leading causes of end-stage kidney failure,
not only in the developed world but now also in developing countries.

Again I comment you for the great work! Looking forward to more
interactions and collaborations.

DrMohamed Musse
Replied at 1:53 PM, 16 Mar 2013

Dear Julia I am Dr Mohamed From Somaliland Horn of Africa and my Organisation Is called Hope Org working Chronic diseases and one of our projects is Diabetic care in Rural childern and we are desperately in need for this products if you can help us getting it , i think it is chance of contributing saving a life of one child in Somali Land
Please email us

Melino Ndayizigiye
Replied at 12:31 PM, 17 Mar 2013

Dear Julia,
I am a physician working with Village Health Works, an non profit organization providing health care in rural Burundi. We have a lot of patients in the targeted group who are very poor and who need your support. I saw on your website that you work in Burundi, do you have representatives there? who shall I contact ?
Many thanks

Laurien Sibomana
Replied at 11:20 AM, 18 Mar 2013

Hi Dr Melino,
I am Laurien Sibomana from Pittsburgh, working with LFAC in Rwanda and I
would like to get in touch with you about T1D in Burundi,

Julia von Oettingen
Replied at 8:29 AM, 19 Mar 2013

Hi everyone,
Thank you so much for all your responses. Melino, I got in touch with Life for the a child and have copied the information for Burundi below. Let me know if you have trouble getting in touch. Mohamed, I will try to get more information for you soon. Laurien, I would love to hear more about your work in Rwanda - especially now that Diane Stafford is there as well!
Best, Julia

LFAC signed an MOU with the Government in July 2012 and we have already sent in Lilly insulin and Nipro meters, strips and lancets. There is a Diabetes Association (BURUNDIAN DIABETES FEDERATION) but this was only established January this year...... Our contact in Burundi is:
Director of Non-communicable Diseases Health Center of Musaga
Musaga, Bujumbura, Burundi
0025777737381 / 0025722249738

DrMohamed Musse
Replied at 2:15 PM, 19 Mar 2013

Dear Julia Hope Org is for Chronic disease and mental health and we are in need of these products and i have problem in the website since i dont know the address to contact
Our website is and email is .
If you give us the contacts we will request them

Melino Ndayizigiye
Replied at 9:55 PM, 19 Mar 2013

Thank you so much Julia for the contact. My colleagues will contact Dr Kamwenubusa Godefroid very soon. Re: Sibomana Laurien: Hello, let's be in touch, I am in Boston now. here is my e mail :

Julia von Oettingen
Replied at 8:59 PM, 20 Mar 2013

Hi Mohamed,
Here are contact details for Somalia:
Contact details: Safia Jama
Director (volunteer)
Future for all
Mobile: 0025224839999
Tel: 02033711145
Head Office
Tel: 0025225269371

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