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Dear Colleagues,
Recently we have established a cancer centre with a radiotherapy and brachytherapy services in Papua New Guinea. The centre is the only cancer centre in the country and caters for a population of about 7 million people. Currently the centre is operating at about 50% of its full capacity. We plan to increase its capacity by improving the treatment infrastructure and increasing manpower. It is in line with this plans that I would like to announce here that I am searching to employ a Radiation oncologist. Ideally, the person we are looking for will have some experience in working with cobalt-60 megavoltage treatment units, experience in brachytherapy units and chemotherapy regimes, must be able to train oncology registrars and radiation therapists, plan and advice on a national cancer control program and be able to advocate for cancer support within and outside the country since the cancer services are provided in a resource-constraint environment. Anyone interested to help or if there are any organizations that help solve human resource needs in such areas, please can contact on . Thank you.

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