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The Reproductive Health Supplies Coalition (RHSC) and its Maternal Health Supplies Caucus

The Reproductive Health Supplies Coalition (RHSC) is a global partnership of public, private, and non-governmental organizations dedicated to ensuring that all people in low- and middle-income countries can access and use affordable, high-quality supplies…

By Amy Metzger on 23 Jan 2015 0 Recommendations 0 Replies
Nursing clinic in remote region of Nepal

Thank you Maggie, It is in the eastern part of Nepal, Dharan. We are on the initial phase so for now am looking forward for standing orders of emergency medications and and over the counter medications. And the language should be in English!!!

By Sumitra Sharma on 23 Jan 2015 0 Recommendations 2 Replies
Global Advisory Panel on the Future of Nursing and Global Health

This is a good idea for the nursing fraternity and if nurtured well will bring out and safeguard the role that nursing plays in global health. As has been mentioned earlier by a colleague, ground rules is very key for any association. Otherwise its a…

By Maggie Sullivan on 22 Jan 2015 0 Recommendations 8 Replies
Nursing and Midwifery Associate for Liberia Health Workforce Program

The Government of Liberia is developing and implementing a bold and comprehensive plan to build a well-educated and trained workforce, from CHWs through specialized physicians. The Clinton Health Access Initiative is supporting the government in this…

By Anne Sliney on 22 Jan 2015 0 Recommendations 0 Replies
high mortalityamong male neonates

Hi Chikondi, I hope you are well! Another PhD student at Duke (and fellow Malawian!), Kaboni Gondwe, gave me these references as well that I hope you find useful. Sex differences in neonatal mortality in Sarlahi,…

By chikondi chimbatata on 21 Jan 2015 0 Recommendations 4 Replies
Medical Aid Films - new films available in 2015

Thank you Josie. I´ll keep in contact with you, may be we can help in do one traslation ¡ Dra. Corina Alba Alba Profesor Investigador de Tiempo Completo Jefa de Licenciatura en Enfermería Universidad del Mar Instituto de Genética Sistema de Universidades…

By Josie Gallo on 20 Jan 2015 0 Recommendations 3 Replies

As we've had a number of postings in the community lately regarding professional opportunities, I wanted to take a moment to remind everyone that messages shared in this community are public on, indexed in search engines like Google and…

By philip Taku on 19 Jan 2015 1 Recommendations 1 Replies
Principios de Salud Publica para los Promotores y Trabajadores de Salud Comunitaria

Excelente evento, ya me inscribí a todos, gracias por compartirlo, lo promocionare en mi página de facebook Informática en Enfermería: ( Saludos.

By Maggie Sullivan on 16 Jan 2015 0 Recommendations 4 Replies
Nurse Mentorship Programs - PIH

Hi Maggie, As Cory mention we have several opportunities for short-term and long-term volunteers that are interested in mentorship/preceptorship in Haiti. We are looking for preceptors in the following areas: NICU, ICU, PICU, Emergency/ Acute care, PACU…

By Jane D'Addario on 11 Jan 2015 0 Recommendations 9 Replies
PAHO Virtual Course "Nursing Leadership: Empowering Nurses in Latin America and the Caribbean"

A brief follow-up on questions about language access. One of the course's coordinators informed me that the course will be offered in Spanish at a later date (hopefully April 27th - July 24th). As a reminder, open enrollment for course applications begin…

By Maggie Sullivan on 04 Jan 2015 0 Recommendations 10 Replies
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