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From our fellow member and guest moderator, Barbara Waldorf, we have the most recent newsletter of the Global Nursing Caucus. Barbara opens with an update from the Executive Director and includes a new piece by Anne Sliney, Chief Nursing Officer of the Clinton Health Access Initiative. Below is just a tidbit of what's included in the actual newsletter, feel free to sign up at (write "subscribe" in the subject heading).

"The GNC newsletter brings perspectives from nurses working in different capacities around the world. Nurses working in Rwanda, Mexico/Guatemala, and South Sudan are sharing their experience on the blog. This week focuses on opportunities to communicate important elements of the global nursing experience. Unite for Sight has put out a call for abstracts for their 2014 conference. Additionally, there is a competition for nurses from LMIC nations to write a paper on the role of the research nurse and attend the International Nursing Research Conference in the UK (see below)...
Barbara Waldorf
Executive Director

GNC Advisory Panel member Anne Sliney RN, ACRN writes to us from Kigali, Rwanda

Today, October 7, 2013 is a momentous day in the lives of Rwandan midwives and midwifery faculty. Orientation is being held for 38 midwives who are embarking on the first bachelor’s program in midwifery. All of these students currently hold 3-year diplomas from the Schools of Nursing and Midwifery. Many of them are actually faculty members of those schools. In Rwanda, there are 250 professional midwives for a population of 11 million people. There are only 3 masters prepared midwives in-country, and they are all serving in senior administrative positions within referral hospitals...."

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