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I have been thinking about this, and I thought I would share my latest blog entry on the subject, with "all y'all" -

Tess Panizales, MSN, RN
Replied at 6:58 AM, 3 Jul 2014

This is a great question.

One of the things I learned along the way - local or international, is to be mindfully conscious of your participants. Culture can even mean the local community or organization or group you are about to give a lecture. I like an evocative technique - like a group dynamic style where I can ask questions and pool all the answers and throw back more questions on what they understand about the concept am teaching. I also use the common language of an important concept to relay my message.

Always remember to be WITH the audience all the time as you mind map your lecture or message plan. It evolves too.

Andrea Sonenberg
Replied at 7:11 PM, 3 Jul 2014

Tess, I appreciate your sharing your suggestions for some valuable techniques. As I teach in a highly culturally diverse university, I also like to begin each class with asking what country and ethnicity each student represents. When specific topics or cases arise, I ask if the culture from which any student is from has a particular tradition or law that contributes to how they would respond to the situation. The reflection and sharing enlightens all the students in the class, facilitating them to become culturally aware and sensitive...

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