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The Peace Corps and Seed Global Health have launched the Global Health Service Partnership (GHSP) to strengthen health care workforce capacity in resource-limited countries so that better health care is available worldwide. The Partnership collaborates with local teaching institutions educating future nurses and physicians and collaborating with fellow faculty.

Clinical faculty is severely lacking in many medical and nursing schools in sub-Saharan Africa. GHSP helps fill this critical gap placing physicians and nurses to serve as faculty at schools in Malawi, Tanzania and Uganda. To find out more about the GHSP Nursing Education position in the link below.
GHSP participants in this one year placement are Peace Corps Response volunteers and as such receive monthly living stipends, transportation to and from their country of service, comprehensive medical care, vacation days, malpractice coverage and a readjustment allowance. In addition, loan and debt repayment of up to $30,000, Seed Global Health reduces the barriers for the highest-qualified candidates to volunteer in the GHSP program.
Applications to deploy in July 2014 are due November 1, 2013.
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Byaruhanga B Emmanuel
Replied at 12:54 AM, 11 Sep 2013

Thank you Jennifer,

As you might have been following various countries' policies regarding
human resource for health policies and recruitment, Uganda is faced
with challenges in that same area.
My question though is; Can Ugandan health professionals qualify to be
"Peace Corps" in this program?

Thank you


Brittney Sullivan
Replied at 6:49 AM, 11 Sep 2013

Hi Emma,
I will let Jennifer answer your question regarding Ugandan's becoming Peace Corps Volunteers, but I would like to offer myself to answer any specific questions anyone has. I am part of the first cohort of volunteers, currently teaching pediatric nursing at Mzuzu University, Malawi. Feel free to post questions or e-mail me with more specifics.
It is a great program, and hopes to truly make an impact! I am glad to hear people in Malawi, Tanzania, and Uganda are interested in the program as well.


Jennifer Goldsmith
Replied at 9:32 AM, 12 Sep 2013

Thanks so much Brittney.
Emma, because this is a partnership with the Peace Corps the program is currently open to US citizens. I hope in the future we can expand this but for the year ahead that is the case.

We are having a live google hangout next Tues 9/17 at noon where we can answer any questions. You can login in at:
This online dialogue with Volunteers in the field is the first of its kind for Peace Corps and it is an opportunity for potential GHSP applicants to hear directly from those currently serving as physician or nurse educators.

Also we are holding a program info session for MDs and RNs on 10/10 at 530 pm at Harvard Med School. For details and to rsvp reply here:

Many thanks, Jen

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