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Development Coordinator Fellowship

Job Summary
This is a one-year post-Master’s degree fellowship designed to assist with the development activities of 'Fondation Enfant Jesus' (FEJ), a Haitian nongovernmental community-development organization. The fellow will work closely with the executive director to help plan, coordinate, organize and evaluate the various activities of FEJs programs. These programs include a primary school, community health clinic, women's vocational program, and one of the most respected orphan-care centers in Haiti. For more details refer to the job responsibilities listed below.

Foundation Enfant Jesus (FEJ) is a Haitian grassroots nonprofit, non-denominational, charitable organization that operates development programs that address many of the current needs of the residents of Lamardelle, Haiti. In addition to a primary school currently serving about 550 children from the community, FEJ operates two crèche (orphanage) sites that partner with an international adoption program, a microenterprise program called Chache Lavi, and a community health clinic. More information about FEJ's mission can be found here:

The fact that FEJ is composed of Haitian staff is one of its most valuable assets for making a difference. The fact that there are thousands international NGOs in Haiti has led many Haitians to view foreign agencies with distrust and cynicism. In contrast to these organizations, FEJ is able to relate to the people it serves. In addition, all funds from salaries stay in the country, as does the experience and skills gained by staff involved in FEJ’s projects.

Location: Kenscoff and Lamardelle, Haiti
Timeframe: 1 year position beginning as close as possible to January 1, 2014

• $200 (USD)/month stipend;
• Paid air travel to and from Haiti;
• Room and board;
• Health insurance;
• Occasional local travel;

Living and Working Conditions: Comfortable housing will be provided on FEJ’s premises in Kenscoff, a beautiful area in the mountains above Port au Prince. Safe drinking water and three nutritious but simple meals a day will be provided. Basic primary medical care is available through the FEJ clinic. FEJ staff will offer occasional local transportation to and from Port-Au-Prince for shopping and other needs. Most work will take place at FEJ's administrative office in Kenscoff, with periodic travel to Port au Prince and to FEJ's facilities in the rural town of Lamardelle, 20 miles east of Port-Au-Prince.

Supervisor: Gina Duncan, Executive Director

Job Responsibilities:
1. Work directly with the Executive Director to set specific objectives, develop action plans and strategies to: enhance the fund-raising abilities of the organization, improve the efficiency of the organization, and ensure the long-term viability of the organization.
2. Work with the Executive Director to coordinate appointments, prepare grant proposals, follow-up with donors, and prepare reports.
3. Work with the FEJ school administration to prepare reports for sponsored students, ensuring that all cards and letters of appreciation are prepared for the sponsors.
4. Work with FEJ staff to evaluate existing programs and projects and organizational structure and policies.
5. Meet with FEJ staff to assess and understand the resource needs of new and/or existing programs and projects.
6. Research public and private sector grant funding, in-kind, volunteer, and partnership opportunities to support new and/or existing programs and projects.
7. Advise FEJ staff and volunteers about ways to increase monetary contributions through FEJ’s affiliated fund-raising groups in other countries, such as coordinated annual giving campaigns, donor recognition programs, and special events.
8. Prepare progress, outcome, and other reports required by funders.
9. Help FEJ staff develop and refine long-term comprehensive community development strategy based on program/project evaluation results and resident participation.
10. Provide in-service training and consultation to FEJ staff to enhance their grant writing, community assessment, and program evaluation skills.

1. Master’s degree in non-profit management, social work, public administration, project management, city and regional planning, business administration, public health, or a related field. Alternatively, a college degree in a related field along with 3-5 years of related work experience.
2. Prior experience or demonstrated skills in grant writing, community assessment, and program evaluation and management.
3. Prior international development experience preferred.
4. Excellent verbal and written communication skills with exceptional attention to details and good interpersonal skills.
5. Ability to share, delegate, and coordinate work tasks with others and resolve disagreements through negotiation and mutual understanding.
6. Cultural humility – recognition and suspension of one’s own cultural biases, willingness to learn about and honor Haitian history and culture, and ability to work in a mutually respectful way with Haitians.
7. Ability to work as a team or work independently when needed to meet important proposal and other project deadlines.
8. Fluent in English with a willingness to learn and practice Haitian Krèyol and/or French upon arrival; existing Haitian Krèyol and/or French language skills preferred.
9. Must be physically healthy

For more information and to apply for this position, contact Brian Carlson in the USA at or +1 802 279-9303

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