The incredible potential to improve global health delivery through appropriate use of health information technology (HIT) drives discussion in this community. Members connect to learn about feasibility, planning, and implementation of a broad spectrum of HIT projects, including electronic medical record systems and mobile devices.

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Amal Bholah
University of Edinburgh; University of Mauritius
Joaquin Blaya, PhD
Brigham And Women's Hospital - BWH; eHealth Systems; Harvard Medical School; Partners In Health - PIH
A/Prof. Terry HANNAN
American Medical Informatics Association - AMIA; Australasian College of Health Informatics - ACHI
Naomi Muinga
KEMRI-Wellcome Trust Research Programme

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Project Spotlight: ORB & Open Deliver: Digital Educational Content for Health Workers and Communities July 25-29

A/Prof. Terry HANNAN replied

Thanks Joaquin and panellists. I am looking forward to this discussion and what it can reveal. read more

Updated: 21 Jul, 2016
Replies: 2

Project Spotlight: Interoperability in Australia March 28-April 1

Rodrigo Cargua Rivadeneira replied

Que buen Material Joaquin Gracias Rodrigo Cargua "No existe falta de tiempo, existe falta de interes. Porque cuando la gente realmente quiere, la madrugada se vuelve dia. Martes se vuelve sabado y un momento se vuelve oportunidad read more

Updated: 19 Jul, 2016
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10 best resources for... in Global Health

Luis Azpurua replied

Gracias Joaquin and Professor Hannan for these wonderful resources. From Oxford Journals I downloaded many. I will read first the 10 best resources for health research capacity strengthening. Regards, read more

Updated: 15 Jul, 2016
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Latest Health eAfrica - Project Spotlight, Malawi

by Roshani Kothari

Hello everyone, Hope you all are doing well! Just wanted to share the latest issue of HealthEnabled's newsletter [1]. They did a Project Spotlight on our project in Malawi. They also have great events and resources. Best regards, Roshani Links: ------ [1] read more

Updated: 08 Jul, 2016
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