The incredible potential to improve global health delivery through appropriate use of health information technology (HIT) drives discussion in this community. Members connect to learn about feasibility, planning, and implementation of a broad spectrum of HIT projects, including electronic medical record systems and mobile devices.

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American Medical Informatics Association - AMIA; Australasian College of Health Informatics - ACHI
Naomi Muinga
KEMRI-Wellcome Trust Research Programme

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Project Spotlight: ORB & Open Deliver: Digital Educational Content for Health Workers and Communities July 25-29

Mike Bailey replied

Hi Joaquin, Thanks for the question. There is an important distinction that must be made between the Open Deliver platform and the technologies that make up that platform. Open Deliver combines existing, open source technologies into a single digital content distribution process. These technologies include: ORB, mPowering’s platform for sharing ... read more

Updated: 29 Jul, 2016
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Updated: 29 Jul, 2016
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Free Electronic Health Records and Medical Website

Dhafer Ben Amor replied

Hello, I see that some e-Health initiatives are supported by GHD. What is the process to become supported by the GHD Community ? read more

Updated: 28 Jul, 2016
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IT to reach out to the ones inaccessible before

Masolwa Ng'wanasayi replied

Thank you Prof Terry for this very insighful discussion. I will go through the papers. read more

Updated: 26 Jul, 2016
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