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The incredible potential to improve global health delivery through appropriate use of health information technology (HIT) drives discussion in this community. Members connect to learn about feasibility, planning, and implementation of a broad spectrum of HIT projects, including electronic medical record systems and mobile devices.

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Joaquin Blaya, PhD - Brigham And Women's Hospital - BWH; eHealth Systems; Harvard Medical School; Partners In Health - PIH Hamish Fraser, MBChB, MRCP, MSc - Brigham And Women's Hospital - BWH; Harvard Medical School; Massachusetts Institute of Technology - MIT; Partners In Health - PIH A/Prof. Terry HANNAN - American Medical Informatics Association - AMIA; Australasian College of Health Informatics - ACHI
Ebola technology survey

survey done thanks

By Ellen Ball on 11 Oct 2014 0 Recommendations 3 Replies
Fwd: Data Revolution Group: Request for Input into Consultation

This might be of interest to some of you. Please contact the person directly. Joaquín ___________________________________________________________________ Gerente de Desarrollo, eHealth Systems…

By Joaquin Blaya, PhD on 10 Oct 2014 0 Recommendations 0 Replies
Upcoming CommCare "Advanced Topics" Workshop in Malawi

Dimagi will be hosting the first CommCare Advanced Topics Workshop in Malawi! The workshop will focus on building participants’ ability to use Dimagi’s CommCare platform ( and build mobile applications for Frontline Workers. While…

By Gillian Javetski on 30 Sep 2014 0 Recommendations 0 Replies
Contest for scaling up health innovation in the US

Hi, This is a contest by the Harvard Business and Medical Schools to see what healthcare innovations could scale specifically for the US, and though this is an international health IT forum, I thought some of you might be interested. Here is the link to…

By Joaquin Blaya, PhD on 27 Sep 2014 0 Recommendations 0 Replies
Transferring records

One of the moderators in the Quality & Safety community asked a question that I think some folks here could weigh in on. Can some of you share your thoughts with William? Thanks, Aaron

By Aaron Beals on 25 Sep 2014 0 Recommendations 0 Replies
In New Delhi from Oct 6-8? Apply for Dimagi's Workshop on Mobile Apps for Women’s Empowerment

Hi everyone, Dimagi is holding our first workshop focused around developing mobile apps for women’s empowerment and safety. The three-day workshop will take place in New Delhi, India from October 6th-8th. About this workshop: With mobile technology,…

By Gillian Javetski on 17 Sep 2014 0 Recommendations 0 Replies
Most promising health innovations

Hello Colleagues I would like to encourage you to participate in a quick survey intended to identify innovations that will transform the future of global health. Which innovations will dramatically “bend the curve” in global health? Nominate transformative…

By LIz Peloso on 13 Sep 2014 0 Recommendations 0 Replies
CREDITOS 2: I Congreso Iberoamericano de Telesalud y Telemedicina - Lima, Perú, 16-18 de octubre 2014

---------- Mensaje enviado ---------- De: I Congreso AITT- ATALACC - APTT Fecha: 8 de septiembre de 2014, 22:10 Asunto: I Congreso Iberoamericano de Telesalud y Telemedicina - Lima, Perú, 16-18 de octubre 2014 QUEDAN SOLO…

By LADY MURRUGARRA on 09 Sep 2014 0 Recommendations 0 Replies

I am seeking information about OpenMRS implementation in the Ministry of Health (MINSA) in Managua Nicaragua. Is anyone familiar with this program and/or have contacts or links? With gratitude, Dr. Farr Dr. Dawson Farr Medical Director Natural Doctors…

By Dawson Farr on 01 Sep 2014 0 Recommendations 0 Replies
The Future of Point-of-Care Technologies in Cancer Care

Hello, The CFTCC is hosting a workshop on POC diagnostics next week. It is an online and in person class. There is an opportunity to participate virtually if you register online. We will be on the EdX platform. If you are in Boston, you can come in person,…

By Catherine (Cathie) Klapperich on 30 Apr 2014 6 Recommendations 66 Replies
Improving Equity through Health IT in the US and Internationally

Thank you Joaquin! Appreciated! Un abrazo, Andrea -- Andrea A. Cortinois, PhD Assistant Professor Dalla Lana School of Public Health University of Toronto People, Health Equity and Innovation (Phi) Research Group Centre for Global eHealth Innovation…

By Joaquin Blaya, PhD on 24 Mar 2014 9 Recommendations 65 Replies
Connected Health for Providers: Information Technologies to Improve Health Care Delivery

Thank you once again to all of our colleagues here in the community for taking the time to share such important insights and expertise during this Expert Panel discussion. We have summarized some of the common themes and key points shared here in a new…

By Sophie Beauvais on 21 Oct 2013 4 Recommendations 46 Replies
Lessons Learned in India: E-Compliance for TB Treatment by Operation ASHA

Hi Ruth, many thanks for this idea and if you'd like to work with us to plan a virtual Expert Panel on this topic happy to work with you on this! Please email me at or To all, we're…

By Sophie Beauvais on 05 Jul 2013 5 Recommendations 75 Replies

Dear Dr Farr, you may also contact Joaquin Blaya and Hamish Fraser who have worked in the South American region and have extensive knowledge and experience with OpenMRS. Terry

By Joaquin Blaya, PhD on 20 Nov 2012 4 Recommendations 65 Replies
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