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Dear all,

The attached link to an online certificate programme in Applied Certificate Healthcare Informatics was advertised on LinkedIn. May be of interest to some of us.

- Usman Raza
Guest Moderator GHDonline

Attached resource:

Link leads to:

Pankaj Dikholkar
Replied at 3:28 AM, 1 Jul 2013

Can I have more details about the certificate program in Applied healthcare

If its possible then share the feedback of those who have already done this
and have helped them..

Mohammed suaudi Hassen
Replied at 10:11 AM, 1 Jul 2013

can i have more knowledge about the program?

Usman Raza
Replied at 11:58 AM, 1 Jul 2013

Dear Muhammed and Pankaj,

This course was advertised on a LinkedIn group. I don't have a personal
experience with this course but may be looking through their website will
give some idea:

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