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With support from the Bacca Foundation and the Omidyar Network, the Center for Global Health is pleased to announce our Innovation Award for up to $100,000 to accelerate innovative technologies to improve health in resource-limited settings in low- and middle-income countries.

Submission Deadline: May 8th 2013

For additional information, please see the full Request for Proposals:

We are looking for innovative technologies focused on low and middle income countries with:
- Strong public health impact
- Commercial viability and sustainability
- End-user input throughout the technology development process

Innovation awards are intended to provide one year of research, development and/or commercialization support for an early stage medical technology at a research institution, NGO, or for-profit company.

Innovation Awards are designed to be a part of a growing portfolio of health technologies supported by the Consortium for Affordable Medical Technologies (CAMTech) at the Center for Global Health.

Submission Deadline: May 8th 2013

For additional information, please see the full Request for Proposals:

Visit the Center for Global Health website:

Michele Meltzer
Replied at 1:41 PM, 25 Mar 2013

I am very much interested in the Innovation Award but need advice and possibly a partner. I am a rheumatologist at Thomas Jefferson University in Philadelphia and also a member of the East Africa Initiative. This is a group of rheumatologist associated with ILAR (International League Associations for Rheumatology) Our aim is to promote rheumatology education (for now) in East Africa. Rheumatology training in much of the world is deficient because there is a shortage of rheumatologists. I would like to set up a MOOC initially for medical students. I did contact the medical school in Uganda but have not received a reply yet. I have been to Kenya twice and so appreciate the need for coopoeration with the local community. If interested please reply:

Sandeep Saluja
Replied at 5:54 AM, 27 Mar 2013

Instead of making a program for a specific geographical area and looking
forward to their participation,it may be better to make an educational
program targeting all geographical areas and provifing access only through
educational institutions world wide who wish to be part of the program.
Some scope for individual mentoring would be needed apart from wide
audience teaching.

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