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Hospital management software is often out of reach for the small hospitals. Available commercial software is overpriced and unwieldy for the fifty bedded hospital. We have collaborated to develop a software with a company called socit which has now implemented this software in ten hospitals in north india. the website link is provided. We are delighted with its functionality and would like to open the access to this to others in similar situations.



Joseph Warero
Replied at 11:47 PM, 16 Sep 2013

Hi Phillip.

Are you running this software on open source model and what hospital business processes does it cater for ?

Vilas Mandlekar
Replied at 10:37 AM, 17 Sep 2013

Hi Philip,

Does this software also provide some diagnosis based on symptoms, which a nurse practioner puts into the system? Or, is this software for EMR and other processes in a hospital?

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