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    Website: Type: Academic Institution Country: United States About: Columbia University is one of the world's most important centers of research and at the same time a distinctive and distinguished learning environment for undergraduates and graduate students in many scholarly and professional fields. It seeks to attract a diverse and international faculty and student body, to support research and teaching on global issues, and to create academic relationships with many countries and regions. It expects all areas of the university to advance knowledge and learning at the highest level and to convey the products of its efforts to the world.
  • Surgeons OverSeas - SOS
    Website: Type: Non-Governmental Organization Country: United States About: Surgeons OverSeas (SOS) improves surgical care in developing countries through collaborative training, funding, and research initiatives.

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Adam Kushner replied to "Brain drain"
Must say, i dont really agree with the conclusions, but as my experience and knowledge are anecdotal, I'd refer you to the work of Michael Clemens, Senior Fellow at the Center for Global Development. He has a great blog post titled "People are not property: Please stop saying that countries ...

Adam Kushner replied to "Bread and Butter General Surgeon Seeking First International Volunteer Opportunity"
Hi Mike, Nice to hear about your interest. We recently had a "How to..." paper accepted in the journal SURGERY which will hopefully be published shortly. I also saw that Dr. Philip Alexander of Lady Willingdon Hospital in Manali, India responded. I've been there and know Philip and I think ...
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September 16, 2010