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    Website: Type: Professional/Medical Publisher Country: United States About: Journal Watch enables physicians and allied heath professionals to save time and stay informed by providing brief, clearly written, clinically focused perspectives on the medical developments that affect practice. Journal Watch Physician Editorial Boards survey the medical literature in 13 specialties, selecting the most important research and guidelines, distilling them into focused summaries with clinical contexts. In addition, they cover the most important medical news, drug information, and public health alerts. Journal Watch is an affiliate of the Massachusetts Medical Society.

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Allison Lawlor started a discussion "Putting PrEP into Practice - Journal Watch HIV/AIDS Clinical Care Antiretroviral Rounds Case"
Putting PrEP into Practice Published in Journal Watch HIV/AIDS Clinical Care March 14, 2011 Last week, we described a high-risk young man seeking intermittent pre-exposure prophylaxis (PrEP) for HIV infection and asked whether you would be likely to prescribe PrEP for him. Of the nearly 400 people who responded ...
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January 3, 2011