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  • IC Professional, Technical Consultant, Preventionist (CTR/TSI)


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amal salah eldin replied to "UVGI Exposure"
thank you Nardell for your valuable reply , to be informed that UVGI fixtures we have is the louvered one fixed at the ceiling and i will going to be sure about measuring the UV at the eye level . Subject: Re: UVGI Exposure

amal salah eldin started a discussion "UVGI Exposure"
Dear all About UV exposure of the patient is similar to workerswhich is similar0.2 uw/cm2 for keeping8 h or the UV should be continuously working.

amal salah eldin replied to "South Africa's "Winter Course" - Building Design & Engineering Approaches to Airborne Infection Control"
Please this email is not working i got failure notification several times so what to do to send my .cv is there another email Thank you

amal salah eldin started a discussion "TB infection control decontamination of safty cabinet"
dear colleagues: i would like to ask ,is it possible to decontaminate the filters including the hepa filters of the safety cabinet used in c&s by formaldehyde and phenol ?

amal salah eldin replied to "Engineering control"
Thank you Tark & Paul for your support and valuable discussion
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