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  • Manager (Site/Facility, Program, Project)
  • Physician


  • Telemedicine Centre of Kosova
    Website: Type: Non-Governmental Organization Country: Kosovo About: The Telemedicine Centre of Kosova provides clinicians and students access to educational resources, video-conferencing and clinical case discussions.

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  • Kosovo

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Blerim Berisha replied to "Doctor (Physician) or patient? Who will drive eHealth & mHealth?"
Hi all, Interesting discussion! I believe that the users of eHealth and mHeath are going to be both physicians and patients. There are already and there probably be a lot more applications that are dedicated to physicians and other that are dedicated to patients. I believe that eHealth and mHealth ...

Blerim Berisha replied to "Doctoral programs in Public Health Informatics"
Thank you very much for informations on Doctoral Programs in Public Health Informatics. It is showing a growing interest and I’m sure it will be much more in demand in the future. I myself might in the near future do a PHD on health informatics so it was very helpful. ...

Blerim Berisha replied to "2012 mHealth Summit: Where Technology, Business, Research and Policy Connect."
It looks to be a great summit. Unfortunately I will not be able to attend because of financial reasons, but it would be great if the highlights of this great venture can be published online after the summit. It would be very informative for us that cannot attend. Regards, Blerim ...

Blerim Berisha replied to "Telemedicine panel follow -on"
Hi, I’m Blerim Berisha, I work at the educational unit of the Telemedicine Centre of Kosova. I would like to thank all those that are part of previous discussion ("Creating, working in, and evaluating Telemedicine projects") and this follow on for great informations and comments. I’m learning a great deal ...

Blerim Berisha replied to "Telemedicine in the Making: Moca Source Code Released"
This is an excellent addition to the present solutions in telemedicine. In this particular case I found to be a very smart and practical approach by using the capabilities that recent mobile technologies offer. I’m sure this will be followed by other solutions to try utilizing as much as we ...
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January 5, 2010