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About Bobby Shady
Bobby Shady graduated from Brown University in 2008 with degrees in Human Biology and Development Studies. Following graduation he completed a year of AmeriCorps service as a part of the “Residency in Social Enterprise” Program of the nonprofit firm New Sector Alliance and worked in Strategic Planning and Program Development for the start-up social enterprise Charity Partners, Inc. He has also worked with the Clinton Foundation HIV/AIDS Initiative in Papua New Guinea, the Johns Hopkins/NIH Minorities in Global Health Disparities Internship program in Cape Town, South Africa, and in a pathology laboratory at Weill Medical College of Cornell University. At GHD, Bobby is contributing to research on large-scale HIV prevention efforts.

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  • Student


  • Global Health Delivery Project
    Website: Type: Non-Governmental Organization Country: United States About: The Global Health Delivery (GHD) Project is working to systematize the study of health care delivery, to disseminate new learning to practitioners, and improve health care delivery in resource-limited settings.

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  • United States

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Bobby Shady started a discussion "Today's HIV Response Debate #3: Discordant Couples and HIV Transmission"
On Thursday, August 26 from 9am until 11am EST, the World Bank’s Global HIV/AIDS Program and the Office of HIV/AIDS at USAID will host the third debate in a year-long series dedicated to Emerging Issues in Today's HIV Response. The topic of debate will be: “Intra couple HIV transmission between ...

Bobby Shady replied to "Debating HIV prevention"
Hello Everyone, Very interesting points all around. How then, do you all think a balance can be struck between providing treatment for those infected while ensuring that individuals fully comprehend the consequences of HIV acquisition? How do you think the recent stagnation in funding for treatment will impact the way ...

Bobby Shady replied to "Debating Behavior Change for HIV Prevention"
The video of the debate is now available! Please click on the following link in order to access it; you may need Windows Media Player.

Bobby Shady started a discussion "Debating Behavior Change for HIV Prevention"
Although the webcast of the “Behavior Change for HIV Prevention” debate hosted by the World Bank’s Global HIV/AIDS Program and the Office of HIV/AIDS at USAID experienced some technical difficulties, there was a lively and engaging dialogue among many individuals working in HIV prevention using the chat functionality in the ...

Bobby Shady replied to "Debating HIV prevention"
Dear Community Members, As some of you are aware, the webcast of this debate experienced some technical difficulties this morning. The debate organizers will be posting the video of the debate on when it becomes available. While participants awaited the webcast this morning, an organic exchange on HIV prevention ...
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