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  • Mission Doctors Association
    Website: Type: Non-Governmental Organization Country: United States About: Founded by Msgr. Anthony Brouwers in 1959, Mission Doctors Association is dedicated to recruiting, training, sending and supporting Catholic doctors and their families to serve at mission hospitals and clinics around the world.

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  • Cameroon

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  • English

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Brent Burket started a discussion "Malaria Prophylaxis post splenectomy in Cameroon"
Recent patient referred to our institution for CPD. ( in Cameroon) Had CS and found to have a ruptured Spleen. Patient had splenectomy Question: what recommendation for Malaria Prophylaxis? thanks brent

Brent Burket started a discussion "Prenatal screening labs"
Just arrived in Cameroon and wondering how to address the following the current obstetrical care provider is obtaining the following Prenatal labs 1. HIV 2. Hemoglobin 3. Toxoplasmosis IgM and IgG 4. Chlamydia IgG serology ( I have not used this before) 5. Herpes simplex I and 2 IgM 6. ...

Brent Burket replied to "Health IT to support medical mission trips"
At our hospital in Guatemala we have had our long term docs Working with the visiting surgical teams. Follow up is provided By our long term docs and any questions are emailed to the Surgeons BAB

Brent Burket started a discussion "Ketamine for Cesarean sections"
I would be interested to learn more about others experiences with Ketamine for Cesarean sections.
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June 17, 2010