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  • Consultant
  • Student


  • University of Edinburgh
    Website: Type: Academic Institution Country: United Kingdom About: The University of Edinburgh founded in 1582 is a centre for teaching and research in Edinburgh, Scotland, UK.

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  • Canada

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Derek Ritz replied to "Should Patient Satisfaction Be a Measure of Quality?"
I'm not convinced that good quality services automatically result in high patient satisfaction. Elizabeth's cautions are important -- we definitely should use patient satisfaction measures as one of the dimensions of "quality"... but outcomes are the trump card, in my view. Even in Canada (where I live), there is very ...

Derek Ritz replied to "Introductions"
Hi all. I'm Derek Ritz. I work in health informatics and specialise in health enterprise architecture, eHealth strategy, implementation and adoption. For that last few years I've been working mostly in developing countries as an advisor to ministries of health regarding national-scale eHealth infrastructure (HIE) initiatives. I have some expertise ...

Derek Ritz replied to "Change of practice results in improved quality of care"
Hi Bistra. I think there actually is some really good evidence regarding the ways training (or knowledge transfer, generally) can impact health outcomes. I did a search to find a bunch of WHO resources that I remember arising out of conference they had in 2005 or so; I found what ...

Derek Ritz replied to "Interprofessional Healthcare Informatics Course"
Hi all. I wish I'd clicked through to the Coursera link before making my posting! It looks like this is very much the HINARI-like model I've been thinking about. May I ask, are any others on the forum delivering courses through this organization and can they share their experience with ...

Derek Ritz replied to "Interprofessional Healthcare Informatics Course"
Hi all. Like Naomi, I completed an online MSc in Health Informatics (mine was a joint programme through the Royal College of Surgeons of Edinburgh & University of Edinburgh). One of the keys, for me, to being able to complete the course was its ability to be readily fit into ...
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