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    Website: Type: Non-Governmental Organization Country: United States About: D-Tree International is committed to assisting health care workers improve their services while supporting better planning and management of scarce health resources. In order to achieve this vision, D-Tree is developing both the protocols and the training and support systems needed for wide scale implementation of technology-enhanced health service delivery at the local level. This is accomplished by working with local institutions that, together with D-Tree, provide training, support, and maintenance. In addition to the protocols, D-Tree is also developing data collection systems for use by governments, NGOs and other appropriate groups who have need for unbiased information about disease incidence in the population. Finally, D-Tree is designing and maintaining the PDA- and mobile phone-based software and hardware necessary for the system. D-Tree believes this comprehensive, multi-level approach is the key to implementing effective programs that also lay the groundwork for larger scale-up.

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Neal Lesh replied to "Local Development Panel Discussion (July 19-30th, 2010)"
Hi everybody! As we reach the designated time to officially close the panel, I'd like to take this opportunity to thank GHDonline for their support, our amazing moderators and panelists Ahmed, Melissa, William, Ali, Mann, and Jacob, and of course all of you for your participation and attention. The conversation ...

Neal Lesh replied to "Local Development Panel Discussion (July 19-30th, 2010)"
Hi everybody, I'm learning so much from this conversation-- new ideas, new perspectives, and new questions to ask. I'd love to also get feedback and invite participation around an idea that was started a while back of trying to promote a brand for software, similar to Fair Trade for merchandise, ...

Neal Lesh replied to "Local Development Panel Discussion (July 19-30th, 2010)"
It’s terrific to see such an interesting and illuminating conversation! I’m very much looking forward to more. I’ll take Ahmed’s questions as a good opportunity to post the last of the panelists pre-written statements which focus on how to address some of the barriers to local development, to help start ...

Neal Lesh replied to "Local Development Panel Discussion (July 19-30th, 2010)"
Hi again. Here is the 2nd round of comments from the panelist, describing some of the context and challenges around local software development. We'll post the 3rd and last comments later on, after we have some time for questions and comments from you all! Ali Habib, Pakistan: IRD is working ...

Neal Lesh replied to "Local Development Panel Discussion (July 19-30th, 2010)"
Welcome to the second panel of GHDonline Health IT community! This will run for the next two weeks. The topic is local software development for global eHealth. This can be a difficult and delicate topic, but we are confident that we can have a constructive and open conversation. Please share ...
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