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About Pat Daoust
Pat Daoust is a registered nurse who has been working in the field of HIV for over 25 years. Pat joined the staff of the AIDS Action Committee of Massachusetts, as a health provider educator in the mid-80’s, eventually serving as Director of the Client Service Department until 2000.

For the past 9 years Pat has worked on international HIV related projects in resource-limited settings, primarily in Africa. She participated in the Harvard AIDS Institute Botswana KITSO program, focusing on the education of health care professionals in regard to HIV care and treatment. Pat also led the mobilization of the first group of PLWAs in Botswana, forming the Coping Center for People Living with HIV/AIDS (COCEPWA)… an important advocacy, educational and support organization with 15 centers throughout the country.

Pat also worked with the International Education and Training Center on HIV (I-TECH) in Ethiopia. She directed a team of international nurses in the development of programs that built in-country capacity for the provision of a continuum of care for those living with HIV/AIDS …including educational , advocacy, leadership and mentoring projects. This CDC/PEPFAR HIV/ART Nurse Specialist project is now being implemented by Ethiopian nurse leaders and serves as a model program for other African nations.

Pat joined Physician for Human Rights as the Director of their Global AIDS Campaign in 2007. This multi-year Gates funded campaign advocated for a comprehensive, evidence and rights-based responsive to the global AIDS epidemic with a focus on sub-Saharan Africa. Under Pat’s leadership special emphasis was given to the promotion of effective US policies that address the most marginalized, especially women and girls. Health Rights=Healthy Women, an advocacy platform design by Pat, addresses the vitally important role that human rights play in the empowerment of women and girls. By partnering with health professional and womens organizations on the ground in Kenya, Rwanda and Uganda, the campaign brought first-hand expertise to the attention of key policymakers here in the US and has successfully impacted major legislation specifically PEPFAR.
Presently Pat is the Chief Nursing Officer for the Global Health Service Corps..a partnership program with the US Peace Corps. She is also the Associate Director of Nursing for the Center of Global Health at Mass General Hospital in Boston, Ma.

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  • Nurse


  • Massachusetts General Hospital Center for Global Health
    Website: Type: Medical Institution Country: United States About: The Center for Global Health leverages the Mass General Hospital 200-year legacy of innovation in medical care and education to improve health among the most vulnerable people in our global community.

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  • United States

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Pat Daoust replied to "FGM and awareness for healthcare professionals"
Hi Mati I would suggest you expand your lit review to include Human Rights websites.... Including statements from WHO that refer to HCWs and their role. Unfortunately this topic remains controversial....unbelievable from our perspective .

Pat Daoust replied to "HIV-Positive Nurse Tried by Media"
It will be great to hear the feedback you receive from your students Cathleen. Also ANAC has been reaching out to Ugandan nurses and international members of ANAC to gain their perspective on this story. With advocacy being an important part of our work we hope to provide needed support ...

Pat Daoust replied to "Breaking access barriers"
Hello Jacob, Thank you for the wonderful resource. I have forwarded this on to the GHSP nurse volunteer educators Seed Global Health presently has serving in Malawi, Tanzania and Uganda. I know they will share with both their fellow faculty members as well as their students. Very proud of my ...

Pat Daoust replied to "HOPE Nurses Conference feat Dr. Jason Farley "Consumed by Consumption: TB Infection Control in HIV Endemic Settings""
Let me provide a voice of support for this presentation. .Dr Jason Farley is amazing and an expert presenter on the topic of TB/HIV. Pat Daoust RN MSN

Pat Daoust replied to "Volunteering - For the Greater Good, or the Good of Oneself?"
Brittney , SEED Global Heath is so fortunate to have you and 32 other GHSP volunteers as our first cohort heading to Malawi,Uganda and Tanzania next month. So many lessons to be learned and opportunities to provide our African health provider partners. Look forward to sharing all of these amazing ...
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