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Fwd: Abstract Submission Deadline Extended! Submit before Wednesday, 11 May

by Innocent ALI

---------- Forwarded message ---------- From: "ASLM2016 Conference" <communication@aslm.org> Date: 2 May 2016 10:10 Subject: Abstract Submission Deadline Extended! Submit before Wednesday, 11 May To: <dr.alinn@gmail.com> Cc: ASLM2016 is the third biennial international conference of ASLM Having trouble viewing this email? Click here <http://campaign.r20.constantcontact.com/render?m=1107007865117&ca=283bb009-aa0d-4532-83cc-3125befdeb52> <http://r20.rs6.net/tn.jsp?f=001YFsJGXxN3REdeyuNssjIaEQawQE2SrfQrWa4Y8NX043ajPM_uSIwbm3MDzMWB8C2axGUbFHJ6LZfr4gGSspRyMMtv1QVpW5lU7JjRVgPyMjEgrGOF6G6BdziIbBC_erHTKs1a2Yj8wRmDDcRzpH5VMM-y9dDHswJqO1hoZu-kPCvwEKjYv0PPC7BWYhOE6K_alu8GddwOZ-mx33454OwpJxKG2nXinEFS63Trmw_3yA1N0LuWYKOxIJSctZBVHQ8h5McyJQTZ-y-cjtnNXoKUkoLewIDAtkJomG8RQppgryKJdM6D2wR9nxQoikTYNnbOY0I7zsB1FLbXYVB5lvCNfJADeTaJEP5_9BnMeg5pPd2q7Jmrx_uJw==&c=wQpCIjPElH591XAGrFIqWNenic9ERUShSvWDoGttXI9nXvXMzXkP1w==&ch=goIk5c_CqbwpLCA3Bs1x8M5Mi5GwIDQADQslPvqkzfezYdngljOuPQ==> [image: Like us on Facebook] <http://r20.rs6.net/tn.jsp?f=001YFsJGXxN3REdeyuNssjIaEQawQE2SrfQrWa4Y8NX043ajPM_uSIwbsx7nwi8Oryxg3fpkKGDkx7_uVVH7n1M7IrxrobmvRfF8fa6ElD7hy7mX0Pypeo9L7LB2v4vEX7jYUkgRv9EXZTumodPbFM6ph506_KtXLHthFAysLF_ibabDYHwvEWG5HZXsTDp2P99&c=wQpCIjPElH591XAGrFIqWNenic9ERUShSvWDoGttXI9nXvXMzXkP1w==&ch=goIk5c_CqbwpLCA3Bs1x8M5Mi5GwIDQADQslPvqkzfezYdngljOuPQ==> ... read more

Updated: 02 May, 2016
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What We're Reading: Dr. Satish Gopal's "Moonshot to Malawi" in NEJM

Bertha Chaputula replied

Thanks for an interesting and really fantastic article. I agree with what he has written. I am a Malawian and I know the cancer situation in Malawi. There is really need to control the situation. read more

Updated: 01 May, 2016
Reply: 1
Updated: 28 Apr, 2016
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WHO Hosts Executive Director Jordan Jarvis for Webinar on Youth & NCDs

by Eric Obscherning

On Tuesday, May 3rd, 12:30pm to 2:00pm CET, Executive Director Jordan Jarvis will present in an exciting webinar hosted by WHO titled, "Young Engagement with Noncommunicable Diseases." In an address to a meeting on NCDs last year, WHO Director-General advised to "never underestimate the power of civil society and public ... read more

Updated: 28 Apr, 2016
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