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Phillip Baker - National Center for Epidemiology and Public Health - NCEPH Asaf Bitton - Brigham And Women's Hospital - BWH; Global Health Delivery Project Benn Grover - National Forum for Heart Disease and Stroke Prevention; Young Professionals Chronic Disease Network - YP-CDN Sandeep Kishore - Cornell University; Harvard Medical School; NCD Action Network; Young Professionals Chronic Disease Network - YP-CDN Jason Kroening-Roche - Harvard School of Public Health Rajesh Vedanthan - Mount Sinai School of Medicine
Forget the epidemiological transition, its all about the rate of change.

Thank you Dr Justin Zaman for bringing up what I would term the reality on the ground for the developing countries (at least for my country Ghana). I think you took the ''wind out of my sail'' as I share the same thoughts about the issues of NCDs and…

By Justin Zaman on 15 Apr 2014 0 Recommendations 4 Replies
Please help us #ClosethePainDivide!

Dear members, Access to adequate chronic pain management is limited to the most affluent areas of the world and those with the most resources within those areas. Currently, only 20 countries have fully integrated palliative care into their health systems,…

By Abigail Capobianco on 15 Apr 2014 0 Recommendations 0 Replies
What do you know about open access in Africa?

Dear colleagues, I just wanted to share our recent open access article in Globalization and Health. Please read, comment and pass it to your networks. Best, Duncan

By Duncan Matheka on 13 Apr 2014 0 Recommendations 0 Replies
Support our Universal Health Coverage Campaign & Addlife (global health e-advocacy initiative)

This is fantastic, Pooja! I signed the petition and also shared with the WHO Intern Alumni Association to ask for signatures. Best of luck, Jordan -- Jordan Jarvis Executive Director Young Professionals Chronic Disease Network Tw @ncdaction…

By Pooja Yerramilli on 12 Apr 2014 0 Recommendations 1 Replies
Vacancy - MSF Switzerland - Medical Advisor "Non Communicable Diseases" - Medical Department

Dear Sandeep, I am a practising oncologist trained at Tata Memorial Hospital, Mumbai. Please let me know if there is suitable position for Oncologist

By Sandeep Kishore on 11 Apr 2014 0 Recommendations 1 Replies
Time Sensitive:: Request for support - signatories to letter on labeling in Mexico - by April 15th

This is a clear example of global pubic health advocacy. I am in full support of this idea and my signed letter will be turned in shortly. Thanks Shusmita for this idea. Ibraheem A (MD), MPH Student, Nuffield Institute for International Health &…

By Shusmita Khan on 09 Apr 2014 0 Recommendations 5 Replies
Job Opportunity at GACD (Global Alliance for Chronic Diseases)

We're hiring! Looking for an enthusiastic post grad with research management experience and a passion/interest in NCD research . In return you'll work with international teams of NCD global health researchers developing joint projects and gain experience…

By Rosie Bartlett on 08 Apr 2014 0 Recommendations 0 Replies
Update: YP Executive Team & Member Survey 2014

Done! Welcome for the new members of the Executive Team

By Jordan Jarvis on 07 Apr 2014 0 Recommendations 7 Replies
Invite to LSHTM symposium: Addressing the intersection of Non communicable Diseases and Human Immunodeficiency Virus

Yes. One of the registration options is an 'online ticket' (or something like that). Mishka

By Jordan Jarvis on 02 Apr 2014 0 Recommendations 2 Replies
Ten-Year Update to the national Action Plan released

Hi everyone, The National Forum for Heart Disease and Stroke Prevention just released the Ten Year Update to the Public Health Action Plan to Prevent Heart Disease and Stroke (you can check it out at The Ten-Year Update…

By Benn Grover on 31 Mar 2014 0 Recommendations 0 Replies
Integrating Mental Health in the Primary Care Setting: The Case in the U.S. and Abroad

Dear All, Thank you again to everyone who participated in our virtual Expert Panel, "Integrating Mental Health in the Primary Care Setting: The Case in the U.S. and Abroad", last November. Starting today until Monday, February 24 at 9AM EDT, we invite you…

By Sophie Beauvais on 11 Nov 2013 6 Recommendations 41 Replies
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