Our members seek to build a cohesive, diverse and global community to drive policy, research and social change for a healthy and equitable future. Join us in targeting the social injustice levied by non-communicable diseases (NCDs) world-wide.

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Young Professionals World Health Day Summit: Cultivating the Next Generation of Global Health Leaders

By Melinda Richardson on 03 Mar 2015 1 Recommendation 1 Reply

I would like to invite community members who would like to attend our "Young Professionals World Health Day Summit: Cultivating the Next Generation of Global Health Leaders" taking place April 18th in New York City. Link:…

USAID|SPRING's work connecting early-life nutrition interventions to nutrition-related NCD prevention

By Amanda Pomeroy on 02 Mar 2015 0 Replies

I wanted to share some of the work USAID's SPRING Project has been doing to develop evidence on the linkages between early life undernutrition interventions and their effect on later life N-RNCD outcomes. The resulting work has been able to inform where…

Post-Doctoral Fellowship Worksite Project Advert - Harvard/Emory collaboration

By Karen Siegel on 26 Feb 2015 0 Replies

This is an exciting post-doctoral fellowship in Implementation Research related to CVD/DM prevention in worksites, and will be to work in connected with a funded project. The position will be based at Harvard School of Public Health, but in close…

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