| Re recent hate crime on Prabhjot Singh By Sandeep Kishore Moderator | 23 Sep, 2013

Dear YP,

Many of you now know that one of our own, dear Prabhjot Singh, a
Sikh-American and leader @ Columbia University, was the victim of a
hate crime in New York City this past weekend.*

 Regardless of where we are in the world are just now, this is a
moment to reflect and affirm our support as a collective (inclusive of
our networks, our families and our colleagues) for one of us. As my
brother affirmed last night, injustice anywhere is a threat to justice

In the attack, 15-20 people ganged up on Prabhjot. Links are below to
affirm support and raise the specter of debate on discrimination and
hate crimes. Prabhjot highlighted how we may respond in the first
instance in the New York Times**



Simran Singh, a friend of Mr. Singh’s, said the professor had a
fractured jaw and his face was bruised and bloodied when he visited
him in hospital. He also couldn’t speak as many of his teeth had been
displaced, Mr. Singh wrote in a column for the Huffington Post.

“My friend… had been brutally attacked on a public street, the victim
of a violent hate crime,” Mr. Singh wrote, adding that the men had
called the professor “Osama” and “terrorist” as they attacked him.

He said Mr. Singh was attacked as he went for a walk after dropping
his wife and 1-year-old son at home following dinner.

“He recounted the scariest moment, seeing a young male put his arm
inside his coat, as if reaching for a gun. He also remembered people
pulling at his beard,” Mr. Singh wrote.

“He couldn’t provide any descriptions about his assailants, and it
seemed to me that in some way, he didn’t want to remember them,” he

Mr. Singh, the victim of Saturday’s attack, is an assistant professor
of international and public affairs at Columbia and the director of
Systems Design at the Earth Institute. His profile on the university’s
website also shows he is a practicing doctor in East Harlem, near
where the attack took place.




Sofia Ahsanuddin Replied at 1:37 PM, 23 Sep 2013

My prayers are with Mr. Singh and his family. Wishing him a speedy