"A people’s movement against chronic disease"- New PLOS blog by YPer Jeremy Schwarz By Abigail Capobianco | 10 Jul, 2014

Dear YP-CDN Community,

Coinciding with this week's UN NCD Review, YP-CDN Member Jeremy Schwarz outlines in his latest PLOS blog the need for global funding for civil society collaboration to further support and enable advocacy and action in the the fight against NCDs.

Please read Jeremy's blog post here, and stay tuned for our summaries of the Review- at which YP-CDN founder Sunny Kishore will deliver a statement before the assembly- and yesterday's Young Professionals Forum for Action on NCDs, which called for action to prioritize health on the global trade and investment agenda:



Abby Capobianco
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Mbiydzenyuy Ferdinant Sonyuy Replied at 3:20 AM, 11 Jul 2014

Thanks for the good work.

Mbiydzenyuy Ferdinant Sonyuy
Administrative Assistant,
DHS Office,Nkwen,Bamenda

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chris macrae Replied at 6:51 AM, 11 Jul 2014

Access to affordable healthcare, and the sustainabililty of nations, connect round the same impact map -valuing millennials social action purpose.

So I hope everyone at GHDonline (and inspirational healthcare development networks such as partners in health and BRAC -Soros's 20th open society laureate) reads this extract from the cited blog
10,11 July 2014 - Today and tomorrow, heads of state, diplomats, and ministers of health will convene at the United Nations in New York. They will assess progress made since a High Level Meeting on NCDs in 2011. My friend and role model, Dr. Sandeep Kishore, who founded the global, grassroots Young Professional Chronic Disease Network http://ncdaction.org, will stand before this assembly. He will correctly insist that NCDs are the social justice issue of our time. Governmental and global priorities are misaligned. People are sick and dying from preventable diseases.

More than that pass it on wherever millennials are valued. In the UN a key person is the UN envoy for youth and the partnerships connecting the forum on millennials' goals https://crowdsourcing.itu.int/page/767 . Partners include the ITU in Geneva led by the Houre family from Mali- health is the number 1 app that satellites (search Noah Samara or search nanocredit -both great freedoms of communications liberated by Africans) and mobile connectivity can open source and open educate

It is the remit of the UN envoy for youth to unite any subsection at the UN concerned with sustaining youth futures. Ban Ki-moon has not only committed that everything the UN envoy learns will be interfaced with the world bank youth summit (next one 7 october) but that spring 2015 will see the UN and world bank co-host a solutions compeiittiion by millennials. http://live.worldbank.org/millennials-endpoverty-2030 (see last 2 minutes of this video if that's all you have time for though the whole is extremely joyful)

When my father proposed preparing to celebrate/mediate a millennials future goals process in The Economist in 1984 he did not mean what we got from 1997 to 2015. He meant invest in the collaborations (open source solutions) millennials propose not in big organisations using MG in their costly PR processes. He meant something similar to what youth and Muhammad Yunus and Nobel Peace laureates are assembling annually through twin capitals of end poverty and end unemployment http://youthcreativelab.blogspot.com

Jim Kim is an exceptional world bank leader who millennials need to link in. His cv includes trying to get rid of the world bank at 50, and through partners in health celebrating changes in value chains (the subject of the YP-CDN summit on wednesday at NY's Weill Cornell Medical Knowledge) wherever this will accelerate affordable healthcare solutions as a borderless movement of our whole human race. Frankly 25-35 year old professionals. as the most educated and connected dynamic the world has ever seen, must now be trusted to celebrating the net generation defining social action -they are the only future direction worth searching for and with - to saving the world of economical health, and so sustainability of everything

Joseph Lunyera Replied at 10:47 AM, 12 Jul 2014

Eloquently written, Jeremy! Such a pleasant read.

Geneviève Bois Moderator Emeritus Replied at 2:12 PM, 14 Jul 2014

Well done Jeremy!