Are you interested in joining World Obesity Federation's Scientific & Technical Advisory Network? By Hannah Brinsden | 05 Aug, 2014


The World Obesity Federation is looking to recruit a small number of young professionals to join our Policy & Prevention Scientific & Technical Advisory Network (P&P STAN). The role of the STAN is to support the work of World Obesity and to help us develop our position statements and policy briefings on issues related to obesity, NCDs, nutrition and physical activity. Full roles and expectations can be found below this message. More information about World Obesity can be found at

If you are interested in being considered for this voluntary position, please send the following information to by 15th September 2014.

Country/region of work:
Email address:
Mobile phone:
Expertise that you bring to WO P&P:
Three suggested priorities for P&P over the next 12 months:

I look forward to hearing from you!
Best wishes
Hannah Brinsden
Roles and expectations of World Obesity Federation’s STAN

About the STAN
- Led by the P&P Steering Committee, made up of 2 x co-chairs, 2 x WO staff members, and 2-4 members of the STAN
- Supports the work of World Obesity Policy & Prevention
- Includes representation from all regions around the world
- Draws on expertise in the field of obesity as well as related areas such as food and nutrition, physical activity, NCDs, advocacy, community/health promotion work, policy, law
- Includes a mix of senior experts and emerging experts

Roles of the STAN
- To contribute scientific, policy and strategic advice to the WO-P&P as required
- To contribute to the work of WO-P&P through a variety of activities such as: contributing to writing briefing documents and position papers; peer reviewing documents and articles; supporting WO projects; involvement in WO training programs;

- To feed into the review of priorities and strategy of WO-P&P on an annual basis
- To engage with colleagues and policy-makers and promote the work of WO
- To provide access to / disseminate through networks, organisations and individuals to further the work of WO

Expectations of STAN members
- Carry out work that will complement and support, and not contradict, the strategy of World Obesity and WO-P&P
- Promote involvement with the network, as appropriate
- Provide input, support and/or advice to WO-P&P (expected to be 3-4 times a year)

Appointment will be for a term of 2 years, with up two further terms of appointment if this is acceptable to the member and WO-P&P Steering Committee. Extensions beyond this period will be considered on a case-by-case basis. The membership and composition of the STAN will be reviewed every 2 years at ICO.



Amarasiri deSilva Replied at 3:46 PM, 5 Aug 2014

you have not explained the benefits to those who would join the group.