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Dear YPers,

We hope you are all doing well. As members of the YP Global Steering
Committee (GSC), Jeremy and I will soon be launching a new project
called *Author’s
Corner*. This exciting initiative is designed to spotlight passionate
researchers, authors, and visionary leaders in the NCD arena and to expose
them to our global community. After we conduct a brief interview, we will
make the video recording available to you on our website so you can
participate in our 72-hour long virtual forum, during which time the author
will engage in a discussion with all of us regarding his NCD-related

Over the past few weeks, Jeremy and I have been focusing our energy on
building a list of potential authors to interview for* Author's Corner* .
 Here is our challenge to you: in an effort to reach out to more authors,
we would love it if you sent us names of authors whom YOU find
interesting/engaging. The golden question is this… If you could have a chat
with one author, who would it be and what article would you want to talk
about with him/her?

We want to build this initiative with your input and guidance! Let’s work
together to make* Author’s Corner* a success.

Sandeep Saluja
Replied at 11:01 PM, 28 Mar 2013

Excellent initiative.
Maybe useful to bring in papers & the authors as they get published.

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