Just saw this article in the NYT that a baby was today declared cured of HIV, apparently with an 18-month long regimen of ARVs. I'm not an expert on HIV -- curious to know what others think of the significance of this.


Shusmita Khan
Replied at 10:57 PM, 3 Mar 2013

That's interesting. Anyone who has more knowledge on HIV, could you please
explain what happened!

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Geneviève Bois
Replied at 10:26 PM, 4 Mar 2013

It'll be interesting to see if this is confirmed by other scientists (and replicated), it would be a great advance and even if it doesn't mean a cure for adults, it would change the face of HIV (and be quite cost-effective, as they touch on in the article, it's easier to pay for an intense regimen for 1-2 years than for a lifetime...).

Looking forward to see how this unfolds!

Lucia González
Replied at 6:52 AM, 5 Mar 2013

Dear all,
this is the presentation of the case at CROI 2013. Please, be very conservative with the data, as author is suggesting.

Replied at 2:55 AM, 6 Mar 2013

we all have looked forward to a day where the assurance for HIV cure will be make certain.this will be good news to all families affected by the pandemic especially the love ones we have lost.

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