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Hi YPers, I hope that some of you find this of interest. Application details are at the bottom of the post. All the best, Hester

Program Announcement:
The Center for Global Health of the National Cancer Institute (NCI), National Institutes of Health (NIH) and its partners in the U.S., in collaboration with the South African Medical Research Council (SAMRC) announces a call for applications for the Sub-Saharan Africa Regional Grant Writing and Peer Review Workshop. The goal of this workshop is to encourage Sub-Saharan African investigators to address public health issues through research. The workshop will be held in Johannesburg, South Africa, November 18-20, 2013.
Workshop topics will include tools and tips for use in writing grant applications, who’s who at funding agencies, the peer review process, research and training funding opportunities for Sub-Saharan African scientists at NIH and other organizations, and management of grants at the recipient institutions in Africa. In order to make the workshop a practical hands-on experience, applicants must submit a concept paper with their application. Selected applicants will discuss their concept paper/proposal during the workshop.
The potential applicants are Sub-Saharan African biomedical research scientists and clinicians who plan to apply to grants from NIH and other participating agencies and organizations; and research administrators who manage grants at their institutions. Up to sixty (60) applicants will be selected on a competitive basis through an evaluation of submitted applications and other required documents. Travel Awards will be available to qualified candidates. Applications will be accepted no later than Thursday, April 25th, 2013 at 11:59 PM U.S. Eastern Standard Time.
To apply, please follow the link provided, Sub-Saharan Africa Regional Grant Writing Workshop, and direct any questions to .

Deshiree Belis
Replied at 10:34 AM, 28 Mar 2013


Please note that the link to the workshop website for information and online registration is


Seun Adebiyi
Replied at 10:42 AM, 28 Mar 2013

Thanks very much for this Hester but I don't see a link below?

Hester Rice
Replied at 11:11 AM, 28 Mar 2013

Apologies Seun and thanks for pointing this out. The link didn’t copy over,
I should have checked that. This is the link in theory (and Deshiree has
just added it to the discussion too) but now I have tried it I’m having
trouble opening the link. Deshiree – are you able to check the link with
colleagues at NIH, and I will check with my contact at NHLBI?

Thanks. Sorry about this...

Kiti Kajana
Replied at 11:18 AM, 28 Mar 2013

Hello everyone,
The application link is below. The planning committee may be making some
minor edits to the website. It should be back up in a few hours. Please
let me know if you are still having issues. I am also a member of the
planning committee.


Kiti Kajana, MPH |
Program Manager
American Cancer Society, Inc.
132 West 32nd Street
New York, NY 10001
Phone: 212.237.3864 | Mobile: 404.285.2246 | 1.800.227.2345

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