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Cool infographic showing the major causes of death in the 20th century:

Geneviève Bois
Replied at 3:18 PM, 18 Mar 2013

An amazing way to visualize this! Thanks!

Nuria Gil-Fournier
Replied at 6:14 PM, 18 Mar 2013

Great graph! Thanks for sharing it!


Maria Buga
Replied at 5:48 AM, 19 Mar 2013

Very useful! Thank you!

Drsunil kumar
Replied at 6:32 AM, 19 Mar 2013

thats nice work n great compilation.
thanks for the

Thomas Brothers
Replied at 1:47 PM, 19 Mar 2013

I notice that much of the data for deaths caused by NCDs comes from the 2001 GBD study. Does anyone know how NCDs that seem non-fatal on their own would be decided upon as a cause of death in GBD 2001 or 2010?

I know for example that dementia can be listed as an individual's cause of death even if that is because terminal dementia led them to acquire a pneumonia and die, but I'm less familiar with how illnesses like schizophrenia or MS would be determined as a cause of death per se. Another example is that the in the spreadsheet the breakdown lists that 228,072 people died from "low back pain".

Any thoughts or a good reference?

Katherine Leach-Kemon
Replied at 5:07 PM, 19 Mar 2013

Hi Thomas,

I work at the Institute for Health Metrics and Evaluation (IHME). IHME served as the coordinating center for the newest Global Burden of Disease Study 2010. To see a breakdown of the non-fatal and fatal causes estimated by this study, please visit our online data visualization, GBD Compare: GBD Compare is a square pie chart. NCDs are shaded blue in this tool. The tool allows you to visualize the percentage of deaths caused by different NCDs, injuries, and communicable, maternal, nutritional, and neonatal causes (available in the "metric" drop down menu). You can also visualize the fraction of disability-adjusted life years (DALYs) and years of premature death and disability by cause.

I have also included links to the published GBD 2010 papers as well as the new policy report. The published papers include detailed information about the methods. Please let me know if you have any further questions about the study.

Best wishes,

Katie Leach-Kemon, MPH
Policy Translation Specialist
Institute for Health Metrics and Evaluation | University of Washington

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Replied at 6:51 PM, 19 Mar 2013

Thanks for sharing, Katherine...


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suraj gautam
Replied at 12:34 AM, 20 Mar 2013

Thank you for posting.

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