Curative Nature of Nursing By Ralueke Ekezie | 24 Aug, 2014

Dear Colleagues,
Ever wondered if Nursing is Curative or not? here is a brief excerpt from an article written in Nurses Round which takes on the Curative Nature of Nursing.
"Curative care is a treatment and therapies provided to a patient
with and intent to improve symptoms and cure the patients medical
problem e.g Antibiotics, chemotherapy , a cast for broken limb"-Trisha
Torrey April 22 2014.
Recently i have interview most of the
medical and or health care practitioners and questions if Nursing care
is Curative, Well the answers i got even from the nurses themselves
seems to be no different as I was always greeted with the NO answer!
It always starts when a quest is asked if nursing is curative or
management care. Often times this kind of question remains unanswered
even from the nursing families, hence the need to have an in-dept look
into the curative nature of Nursing care.
Nurses Round wishes to
provoke the opinions of the readers that nursing is the most curative
aspect of care received by patients in the hospital. Yes one may not
admit it in hurry, but it is indisputable hence patients well being is
Student as well as the practicing nurses finds it
difficult to assert the therapeutic aspect of nursing care or how to
equate activities performed by nurses to patient as being therapeutic or the three basic aspect of nursing care i.e preventive,
therapeutic and rehabilitative in most of their definitions did not
point out the curative nature of nursing care. Here is the link to the full article
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