Day 2: NCD Review- YP-CDN's Dr. Sunny Kishore about to deliver Civil Society statement By Jordan Jarvis Moderator | 11 Jul, 2014

Dear members,

We are in the midst of Day 2 of the UN High-level Review on NCDs. You can follow us on Twitter @ncdaction for live updates.

Shortly, our very own Dr. Sunny Kishore will be delivering the civil society statement for the second roundtable, which is themed "Strengthening national and regional capacities, including health systems, and effective multisectoral and whole-of-government responses for the prevention and control, including monitoring, of non-communicable diseases."

We are very proud that Sunny will be representing civil society here at the UN on behalf of YP-CDN, to highlight issues of social justice in the prevention and control of NCDs. You can watch live here:

We will also share the recording as soon as it is available, along with our summary of the NCD Review.

Brief recap of Day 1: Opening statements were delivered by the President of the UN General Assembly, a representative for the UN Secretary-General, WHO Director General Margaret Chan, and UNDP Administrator Helen Clark. Dr. Kutluk, President-elect of the UICC, spoke on the urgent need to address the lack of global NCD resources, the need to incorporate NCDs in the post-2015 development agenda, and the need for harmonization and coordination of multisectoral national responses to NCDs.

Stay tuned for more updates via Twitter!

All the best,

Jordan Jarvis
Executive Director, YP-CDN



Geneviève Bois Moderator Emeritus Replied at 12:12 PM, 11 Jul 2014

I just got the second half or so of Sunny on the live stream and wanted to
highlight his excellent statement, it's such a pleasure and honour to have
you deliver this speech.

Thank you so much